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Unclogging your drain

Unclogging your drain.



The bathroom sink drain slows down the flow. Hair, muck, waste, clog it up. Yet another source of frustration in a time crunched and chore filled day. You try filling the sink with hot water and then releasing the lever and hopefully that might work. You try snaking the drain with mechanical interventions. You may even try liquid clog busting agents. You might then give up and call the plumber.
In any event a lot of time and effort spent with inordinate amount of frustrations.
With work stress, home stress, and the pressures of this modern day we get tired. With the overload of sensory traffic from all sides through technology we get bogged down. With the constant barraging of our minds, our brains and our bodies with fears, anxieties and negativity we get spiritually clogged. We need a cathartic emotional release at times to help keep the flow going even though the flow may still be slow. We need to find ways of de-clogging our conscious pipes to allow free flowing consciousness into our spiritual pipelines.
Unplugging each day from the phone, laptop, pager, internet, and television is one such maneuver. Then connecting and talking  to your family  and friends is another. Both allow further increase in flow of your emotionally clogged drain, but then silent meditation and letting go is the best spiritual clog buster. Going to the gym and exercising or meeting a good friend might help, just as much as calling the plumber, however keeping the drains clog free requires more effort and determination. Practice of meditation and being in the moment of your thoughts keeps the continued flow of the conscious. Plenty of sleep helps the unconscious mind to be set free and with it your soul to explore and clean up the sink from all the muck of the day and your life.
Of course prevention is still a good avenue to keeping your drains free flowing. So preventing yourself from polluting the sink, ergo your mind and your body, with negative thoughts, inflated ego, idle conversations and wasted opportunities help in your efforts. So next time you clog up your spiritual drain, do not throw in the towel and give up. It is your mental sink, fight for it, and keep it clean, or at least use your techniques to keep it from clogging. Use your emotional clog buster agents of meditation and letting go.
Time and effort spent for the convenience of opening a drain priceless, for everything there is MasterCard !  Have you found your spiritual Draino ?


Author: Brown Knight

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