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Independence Day, we are free, I am free

Independence day, We are free, I am free.

July 4, 1776 was the day that the United States Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom. A celebration for one country and the remembrance of a major loss for another. I am sure the English do not remember this day with the same jubilation that the Americans do, and so it is celebrated with fireworks, parades, gatherings of friends and family for dining, communication and all round frivolity, or simply it can be just a day off work. The history is not always in the forefront in the minds of the people during the festivities yet the symbolism is usually ever present, namely the USA flag.  A proclamation of Independence can be representative of many things.
Remembering your independence from your  fearful thoughts, your anger, your discouragements can be liberating and certainly a cause for celebration. Without a doubt stepping out of your comfort zone and achieving the independence to breathe  and experience everything in your life as you chose it to be, is certainly rewarding  and worthy of jubilation. Having lived under the imperial tyranny of your doubts, anxieties and set backs, they can leave you down trodden. Realization of a better world to live in for yourself was what the Founding Fathers had strived towards. Yet I am convinced it is the inner freedom that they were trying to instill in us. Each individual free in mind, spirit and  consciousness can collectively broaden humanities hope of freedom as everybody enters a higher level of conscious evolution.
The Declaration of Independence document  is an interesting read.  There is mention in numerous paragraphs of equality, rights of mankind, and freedom. Do you dare to be as bold as the Founding Fathers and put to writing and proclamation your own personal Declaration of self Independence? You can start off by noting that you will not let your fears get you down. Your stressors like the oppressors are there but do not have control of you. Your anxieties are reactions to baseless accusations of your mischievous mind that you are not good enough. Calm your heart and still your mind and let go of all these negative states of thought. Breaking the barriers of your confusion undoes the shackles that have kept you in your zone of comfort for so long. The constraints of others’ opinions have lead you to not uncover your true nature and live in a shadowy resemblance of your higher self.
Declare to yourSelf  “I am free” and live your life full of encouragement, joy, and knowing of your Self. JFK had a great line.” Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I would edit this slightly and state ” ask not what the universe can do for you but what you can do for yourself and the universe.” Let your flag of symbolism be your generosity, your openness, your kindness. With jubilation, celebrate your own personal independence from your darkness with fireworks of happiness, joy and peace. Whether it is the 4th of July or a different day, just remember that day as being your day of celebration, and enjoy it.
Wow what an amazing firework show you put on !!


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