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Waiting to die?


It is inevitable. Death is the end of this life and a beginning in many cultures to another. We are so concerned about our own mortality that we forget that we are hurtling towards it with great speed, without awakening to the life that we have here and now. Someone once said that life is what you do while you wait to die. That is true, but I think it is what you do in this life to make it count when you die. Try a little exercise for yourself. If you are ever told  that you have either one week, one month or 6 months or 1 year to live. You would still have your mental and physical accuities, what would you do? Make your own bucket list for each timelines. Now I am not referring to the madness of maxing out your credit cards and blow all your money in Vegas ! ( but if that is what you wish to do it is to be respected.)
Are we waiting to die, or learning to live? We live our lives in fear. We are afraid of losing the tangible, be it possessions, career, or persons, but ever think about the fact that the fear inside you is in fact afraid of YOU? It needs you to survive. Our lives are bombarded with sensations that only drive us to fear. Since we are all lead to believe that the universe needs to be perceived by only our eyes, and since we cannot grasp  the enormity of it, we believe that we are all alone and so we must try to control our own life and its future, and most of the controlling is done in fear. This obsession of control and fear drives us through the madness of a perishable reality to an end without really living or making a life. If you take the above lists that you have made for yourself, and honestly see what you can incorporate into your daily lives, from moment to moment you might just find that your life is not as bad as you think it is. The true living comes from living moment to moment, and being at one with the rest of the universe. The Source, the universe, the positivity is actually ever present to support you, and not destroy you, thereby making your life a better experience. These culminate to the end when death is only a transformation from one energy to another and the journey continues.
With the realization that death will occur in one of those timelines mentioned above, you immediately prioritize to the things in your life that you are actually passionate about, as there is a sense of loss if those things are not completed. Certainly household chores or working longer at the office will not fit that list !! So why not do the same thinking as if you are going to die tomorrow or the next day. By this you refocus what is important to you, and then bring forth your purpose, you bring forth your calling. With this also comes a deeper understanding of how to live a healthier, a more productive and peaceful existance when a timeline is given. You will probably forgive your debtors, let go of your anger towards a former friend, or ex-lover, appreciate someone else for there ignorance, and tolerate pain a lot better with a greater sense of calm as you are forced to dump all the extraneous noise in your life. What makes humanity sustainable is its ability to be compassionate, loving, peaceful, adapt, forgive. What makes humanity great is its mortality. Knowing that an end will come but not knowing when, allows creativity to flow freely.
Through meditation, and visualization of the moment, allows the perspective of the future to materialize and then your own mortality becomes a friend. Embrace your fear of death, and your life becomes worth living, as you have taken out your stop gaps. Life is a journey, and so death becomes just another milestone. Peace, happiness and gratitude bring about the harmony that enstills a more awakened and powerful life experience. Practiced with patience, you gain greater  focus by letting go of your control of your daily grind. Your fear of death evaporates and your life opens up with the exhilaration just as it did with the first day when you began this adventure.
Waiting to die or waiting to live? The choice is yours, choose wisely.


Author: Brown Knight

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