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A Fathers Day


June 16, 2013. Fathers Day is here again. It comes every year with great pomp and celebration with advertisements for dads gifts with special discounts and incentives for dad with competetive must haves like handy power  tools, executive desk toys, macho gardening implements and stylish clothing, all to cherish the fathers we have. Greeting cards galore that illustrate the father who sits in his big dad lazy boy chair drinking beer and doing nothing are in every store for the picking. But is that really the image that comes to mind when we think about our fathers. When we imagine our fathers when we are young little children, we can envision a man big and strong with unlimited intelligence, bravado, and ability to perform any feat. A man you can respect, a shoulder to lean on ( or leg depending on your size!), a confidante, a friend at times, a role model at others. Somewhere in the process as we grow older and independant we realize the fallacy and know that our fathers are not the “Man of Steel” and cannot really leap tall buildings in a single bound, ( not so sure about the look that could kill though !). We second guess their advices, brush aside the suggestions, dismiss their ideas as quick as dejavue, as we merge into adulthood.
A father’s compassion and love for his child never dies. Being a first time father myself of a soon to be 2 year old, gives me pause at times as I can vividly remember his birth, his first few days and months, the first year, and every moment in between. The compassion and love is self perpetuating as are the lessons taught by generations of fathers. The wisdom accumulated over a lifetime of experience imparted to the child to help not hinder is one of the goals of an involved father. No father intentionally wishes to harm or hurt their offspring. I wonder what I am trying to teach my son, will it be remembered ? will it bear fruit later? I think it will as it shows each day as my son builds on the knowledge from the day before and integrates it with his daily activities.
So true it can be said with your Source. A Divine father wishing only the best for you so that you may rise to your greatest potential, yet our image of Him changes with our moods, our unfulfilled desires or fears. We discard Him when we are dissatisfied with the way things manifest in our lives, blaming him for our misery, yet plead for His mercy when the situations are dire. We did the same when we were children, always going to dad for help, but as we are older believe we are above it all and pride gets in the way of open dialogue, but when things are bad blame it on our childhood.
 I think that we should never forget this sacred bond and the relationship with our father (divine or mortal) since we live such short lives full of distractions. The time may come and go when you can communicate effectively all that you have always wished to say and feel but never had the opportunity to do so, leading to guilt and regret in the future.  So this fathers day if you have the chance, just sit by his side and enjoy the moment, whether you say a little or say a lot. Whether he says a little or says nothing at all, volumes are spoken just being there, being present, being together.
To all fathers, fathers to be, a very Happy Fathers Day. It is an honor and a privilege to be one.


Author: Brown Knight

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