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A Victimless crime?

A Victimless Crime

A crime by definition is a conduct through either action, omission or neglect that breaks the rule or laws set by society. A victim is someone who is harmed by a crime. A victimless crime is defined by act that is deemed illegal but does not directly harm or violate the rights of another individual. But what if the other individual is you, and you are the criminal and the victim, is it still victimless?
When we harm another there are many ways we can do it. Physical, verbal, mental, and  emotional are just some of the ways. But in each of these modalities, I wonder who is really the victim. He or she that is abused or the abuser. Societal laws and cultural norms would probably favor the abused, however let us not forget the abuser. When you either hit, speak out with bad words, play ill-mind games, or demonstrate emotional blackmail, I think it first hurts you before anything even materializes. You have to have that thought in your mind of performing one of these bad efforts. The moment that thought even arises within you, you have already hurt yourself. And not just at the intellectual level, but at the spirit level. If everything that arises from you starts from a thought, then the source of this too has to be the creator of the thought, your Self.
You have to generate tremendous ill will, hatred and anger from this thought to be able to thrust it into the present through physical, verbal, mental or emotional manifestations. The torture you are putting your own soul to co-create these ideas are not even worth it. A series of chemical responses occur instantly at the cellular level when you begin on this troublesome journey, eventually causing deleterious effects on your vessels, your organs and your body. So if the same creator within can generate so much badness it only stands to reason that you can generate the opposite with even better effects. If  your soul decides that it will refrain from ill thoughts, ill speaking, ill doing, ill acting and replace them with the spark of creativity, positivity, happiness, joy and harmony then only these shall arise from within, and come out of your very being, from the very pores of your body. A clear creative mind that manifests trust, connection, understanding, can only then do the same through the physical, verbal, mental and emotional.
 You feel better and your cells will thank you ! Do you not feel better when you have physically helped someone even if it is simply holding the door open, you always get a thank you. You feel better when you speak kindly to someone, you always get a smile back or diffuse a tense situation. You offer love to someone you will always get that love back. You avoid mind games and are clear with your intentions, you get more receptive people to work with you to help fulfill a common goal.
No one except for yourself can police your thoughts, and your feelings that come from your Self. Don’t hurt yourself first. Be your own neighborhood watch.


Author: Brown Knight

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