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Let them eat cake !!


I am sure you are familiar with the phrase by Marie Antoinette, Queen of France who during the French Revolution said “Let them eat cake” when informed that the peasants could not afford to eat bread. Unknowingly she probably had a point, if you do not like the horrible circumstances that you are in then change it to the reality you wish to live in. It is easy. With faith, dedication, and clear focus of thought and choice you can achieve anything. But then why does it not happen for most people, living in poverty, miserable conditions, or working at jobs where they are unhappy, in relationships that are full of hurt and pain? The answer is because at some level they choose to be in that situation. Their spirit is here to experience something, unconscious to their outward mind and body, but once the experience is complete things change.
Look at the argument the other way. Why are some people always appear to get everything the way they want. Are they lucky, do they live charmed lives? No they simply know what they want and are telling that subconsciously to the universe and living it automatically. They choose to eat the cake and not the bread. It is the fundamental thought of how you wish to live, and allow it to come into existence.
Now baking your cake and eating is another interesting phrase. Apparently you cannot do this. I think this is quite ridiculous. What is the point of taking the time to getting and then putting the  ingredients together, spending time to bake it into a cake and then not being able to eat it. You can precisely bake it, eat it, love it, bake some more!! To me this old adage was misinterpreted and what it really means is that you put the effort in and you enjoy it afterwards. Cakes are sweet, delicious and tasty, so is the reward when doing the right thing. You receive peace, tranquility and satisfaction, with each good deed, good word and good thought like with each morsel of cake. Putting the right ingredients is the key. Patience, understanding, hope, good effort, presence of mind, all mixed in, baked with love at the right temperature ( temperament), result in a fruitful cake of YOUR choice. The more you bake, the more cakes come forth. The more you work at it, the more goodness will come forth. The more gratitude you mix into the cake, the sweeter it ends up.
Can you taste your yummy cake yet? Don’t forget to share it.


Author: Brown Knight

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