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A Mother’s Day


A delightful day of joyeous celebration. An interesting day with a great history celebrated all over the world at slightly different days than when we celebrate it here in the USA. Nevertheless a much loved day when children make breakfast for their mothers, and shower them with lovable hugs and memorable kisses. Fine breakfast buffets in wonderful restaurants, special gifts and humorous warm greeting cards are exchanged to make the whole affair a day to remember.

Mothers as a rule are devoted to their offspring. I am sure all mothers appreciate the sentiments and gratitude offered to them, as they remember the fond times of fun while bringing up their young. I am sure the unfond memories of late nights, cranky children and exhausted mothers easily melt away into oblivion. Stories are told, songs are written, and the love flows, and sometimes tears flow too ! No coincidence that Mothers day also occurs in spring time when all of Mother nature blooms as she unleashes her love upon all life around. Let us not forget this day as giving thanks and simple quiet reflection unto the mother earth that began all life, and continues to nourish infinitely diverse life on this planet, creatures and plant life alike. Everyone and everything born has a mother. We remember her in the perfect way. Kind, gentle, protective, compassionate, loving and patient.

A mother’s spit is always able to clean anything, and mothers always had the solution for all your problems. Magically, nothing was ever impossible, and no task too great for a mother not to be able to do. Regardless of age of mother or child, a mother will always be a mother, and that relationship is sacred and cannot change. Such is also the relationship to our Mother Earth with her gentle winds, life giving rains, protective shadowing clouds, and strong earth. Natures powerful energy all around us easily reminds us of our place as we are still in our infancy, as a child having a tantrum, our behavior is quickly curtailed. I would urge you to spend time with your mother on this day, make her feel special, let her know of your love. Anger, bad memories or disagreements be gone. Allow forgiveness, love, gratitude fill both your hearts. Close or far, pick up the phone and make the call. Then go out into a garden, sit on the grass, and close your eyes and take in the moment. A simple heartfelt thanks can be effortlessly projected out to Mother Earth for all that she is, all that she has done and continues to do so. A gesture of kindness can be performed like picking up a piece of garbage, planting a flower or a tree, turning over garden soil, watering a plant, all help reduce your carbon footprint, and also demonstrates your gratitude to nature.

A simple prayer, To all mothers, and mothers to be and Mother Earth, thank you for who you are and all you have done, are doing and will do in the future. Your loving child…….


Happy Mothers Day


Author: Brown Knight

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