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Talking to trees


Ever walked into a forest, sun light streaming through the high branches illuminating the dusty ground. If you are still and just be in the moment, you can actually hear the trees talk to each other. Just because the voices are very soft and not in your tongue does not mean that the trees cannot speak. Now I am not referring to the trees in the movie Lord of the Rings, but close enough. All of creation talks to each other. The animals, birds, insects and all botanical life  communicate with each other. The divinity within all life communicate. Misery occurs if there is a breakdown of this fundamental process.
Seeds carried by the wind and insects or birds help pollinate and germinate the plant life from far distant lands. Trees talk to their distant cousin trees in other forests planning out natures schedule. The creatures of the air and land do the same, and in unison entire ecosystems are formed with simple communication. Then why do we still have a problem. We are humans supposedly the most intelligent and highly conscious yet we have issues of communication with our fellow man regardless if we are in families, or not. I am having second thoughts as to how evolved we really are, despite our apparent advances.
If we slow down, do less and open our selves with true patience, and bring forth our divinity, we can interact with the divinity within all of nature, and feel our connection to everything and everyone all around us. Being part of something bigger than our tiny selves is the first part of realizing our true nature, and then surrendering to a universal source, to a higher plan we can communicate humbly with all concerned. We are just as much a part and parcel of nature as anything else occurring in nature. Knowledge can only be transmitted and progressed through communication. Wisdom is applied knowledge. There is much wisdom in nature, and it is trying to communicate with you, but are you willing to listen and talk even if it is to a tree. These great apparent silent souls will listen, and by talking you will hear your own answers to your problems.
Sit under a tree for a while and eves drop on the conversation, you may be surprised on what you will learn.


Author: Brown Knight

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