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Enjoying eternity within a moment


Have you woken up in the morning and run through a long list of things that need to be done for that day even before getting out of bed? You get out of bed, brush your teeth, use the bathroom, have a shower, quickly down a cup of coffee and you are off to the races. What appears as a barrage of continuous activities is actually a collection of moments. You try to control all the activities but not always with success. Someone is late to an appointment, the clothes are not fully dry when emptied from the drier, the toast got burnt, the kids are not ready for the school bus, the list goes on. It gets you aggravated as in your scheduled day a hiccup has occurred and upsets the smooth running of the train of planned activities. Why get upset and ruin your day. If you change the way you look at your day you might not be so disrupt able !
The way I look at it is simple. Imagine everything that has to be done sits in a bubble. One bubble or 100 bubbles it does not make a difference. What just transpired is also in a bubble of its own. You are in your own bubble at this very moment. All bubbles are floating as time is passing. So let us pretend you are going from bubble to bubble, moment to moment. I cannot hurry any future bubble to come quicker, so I let it sit in its own place for me to meet it at the right time. For example if you have a lunch time meeting at noon, and it is 8 am now, you cannot bring that time bubble to this present time. So do not fret, let that bubble for the meeting exist in the future. Similarly your daily ablutions ( showering, brushing etc.) that just finished are in their bubbles, and since they were in the past you cannot connect to them either. So all you really have is this moment. The moment of now. When the right time, right place connect to your bubble you enter that moment or bubble. And so you continue your day, weeks, months years, without worry as you cannot reach the future events now, nor can you bring back the past events in to this moment that you are in. So being comfortable in your bubble of this moment is all you can do.
Life is truly a series of moments, and you keep moving from moment to moment. If you slow down and pay attention you will realize that this is true. When you see a lit candle you may think that this is the same candle light burning continuously. But alas not. Each time you look at the flame it is a new flame. Just it happens too quickly on an atomic level from moment to moment that you miss it. Similarly having a light bulb on. If you think you are getting continuous light you would be mistaken. After you flip the switch and the light turns on, electricity flows, with ions constantly arising and then vanishing as they turn into light. So again it changes so fast that the moment to moment light changes but you cannot tell the difference. Physicists will verify this by being able to slow down particles in elaborate experiments. If you are still in disbelief of the moment to moment concept of the light bulb, ask your electric company for the bill ! They are billing you for the moment to moment dissipation of electrons !!
We are all subject to natures time. But living in the moment is very important as you recognize the idea of change. If you know that nothing is permanent since everything is subject to change moment to moment, even our bodies are aging as you think and speak, then hopefully your mind will be more at ease to let things go and not be so caught up in all the moments, just the moment you are in right here and right now. It is a matter of training your mind to the vibrations of your present bubble. Like the daily chores of daily ablutions, eating, sleeping, dressing, using the bathroom, showering etc that you really do not even thinking about them, but just do, because they are unconsciously things that you just do, this can be used for anything and everything. You know that certain events and schedules have to be kept and you have to do various things, so just do them with out thinking or obsessing about them ahead of time. Let your present bubble moment collide with that future bubble moment at the right time, and then “there you are” where ever and whenever you go.
Be well, I hope I have not burst your bubble yet !


Author: Brown Knight

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