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Easter is here, Hooray !!


Ah yes, spring is here at last, the freshness in the air, the sunshine, the returning of the birds, the emerging green grass, little animals running around in the back lawn, the shaking off the winter blues. Shedding the previous years ills and welcoming the time for renewal, is essentially how I imagine springtime. The little bunnies and squirrels are born, the fledgling birds are chirping, and children are getting ready for easter egg painting and egg hunts. The traditions of Easter maybe somewhat rooted in Christianity with the symbolism of the rebirth of Christ in the resurrection, however spring time festivities have long time been part of numerous cultures in different parts of the world. Connecting nature and man as life begins anew is part of the life cycle, with this time of the year bringing you your own personal resurrection and rejuvenation.
Letting go of the past is as important as embracing the future, and existing in the present. Nature does this very efficiently, as it clears away the winter mess, and lays out the scene for spring and life to flourish. Similarly we should do the same just like when we do the cathartic spring cleaning, we should mentally, physically and spiritually let go of the past biases, hates, bad habits, and disappointments that occurred last year, or previous years or prior lifetimes. Give way to the splendor of the  good experiences, the wholesome foods, the energetic exercises, and the peace of meditation that is about to come your way. This can only happen by letting go. What a crazy state of chaos it would be if nature held on to the winter and mixed it into the spring season. Animals would be confused, plant life would not be able to grow, water in snow, ice and liquid forms all at once, nature would be run amok. You cannot hold on to the past troubles and have any hope of a bright future if you are not with a clean conscience and consciousness. You would be riddled with anxiety and fear, as is much of the cause of the ailments in this modern world right here, right now.
 Easter has its own charm with the egg hunts, festivities, the colored decorations and the celebrations regardless of religion. But one day in the year does not have to be the only day when you can enjoy the season. Every day is another opportunity to start afresh, with clear vision, renewed hope and a bold expression of your inner self. Let not the winter gone past hold you down from being in tune with the present moment. Let not the cold of the winter leave you with no chance of warming your heart with inspiration for a better future. 
As little children run around on their easter egg hunts, following clues, following trails, you can see they are very focussed and persistent with their endeavors while in their shell of  innocence. We too can take a page out of their books and follow suit and be focussed on the tasks that we choose to do with diligence and not sweat the small stuff. Looking for happiness, and peace are lofty goals, but the hunt is the real fun. When you find your bliss it may take you by surprise just as it may a child finding an egg. So let the flood gates of goodness, compassion and happiness be wide open and overflow your mind and soul. Let the excitement of a brighter future quicken your heart and temper and steady your spirit with gratitude for the present.
This season put a spring in your step, vigor in your goals, and enthusiasm on your face, and joy in your heart, and leap forth like the easter bunnies into your glorious life with conviction and purpose.


Author: Brown Knight

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