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Oh dear not another birthday !


 It came around again so quickly this time, not like all the  earlier years, when they took their time. I remember the variety of elaborate birthday cakes, the decorations, the list of friends being invited, the games being played. Was it not just yesterday that I was being wished “a Happy Birthday” by friends and family ? As the years roll by, the parties, the gifts and the friends change but the essence of remembrance does not. On the positive side, you get delicious cake to eat, bountiful presents to open, tight hugs and firm hand shakes from friends and most of all tremendous smiles from everyone with the customary  melodious monotone song of ” We wish you a Happy birthday…..la la la” 
What are you thinking on the inside? Another year gone by. What did I accomplish in this year? What will I wish to accomplish this year? Will all my troubles be gone for this season? The party dies down and all the guests leave and you clean up and all the while these thoughts start setting roots and festering, awaiting an answer on your minds reflections. We celebrate everyones birthdays young or old with jubilation. The younger or older you are the more the enjoyment in the celebration. Do we realize that we may be marking the persons day of birth, but it is another year closer to their death. Wonder if that is what is pestering the “birthday  boy or girl.” We all came to this world for a purpose and as these anniversary days zip by we awaken to the fact that we are on a timeline, with lessons to learn, dreams to fulfill and missions to complete.  These days serve as reminders of taking stock of where you are and where you have been and what more is there to do.
The deadline ( no pun intended) is coming, and there is no time to waste with complacency or ignorance. The days, the weeks, the months and years pass by quickly enough but when decades go by and your true nature has not surfaced, it can be quite frustrating. In my opinion, the birth-day should still be remembered as a happy one. You survived the birthing process, and came in to the world for a great experience, and a wonderful purpose that only you can achieve. It is a reminder of your uniqueness as you heralded forth into life with ambition and substance. It is the day of joy as you joined the human race to bring your consciousness into the collective to make a difference. A time to remember with pomp and grace that you and only you can offer yourself to the world, that has been waiting patiently for your presence.
The older you are the more you have learned in your lifetime and to offer others  and future generations freely of your experiences. What can be more joyeous and celebratory as you  check off another year? Do not take this day with regret. Partake in the festivities and give yourself the best present of all, a launch into this year with openness, and  love. When you blow out the candles, blow with full force each and every one of them, and close your eyes with gratitude to the universe for everything that has been, is happening, and all that is about to happen in your marvelous year ahead.
Happy Birthday, your birth was truly a happy day !!


Author: Brown Knight

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