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Certifications and Credentials

The world holds us to a higher standard in every aspect and walk of life. Whether you are in the health care field, the auto industry, the legal profession, work in a supermarket, or even a landscaper or work in the swimming pool business, you are required to have a certification, which usually requires an examination, then a fee is paid for a framed plaque. Whatever service you wish to purchase, for example you want to go to a mechanic and get your car fixed. You pretty much always check out the numerous credentials on the walls informing you that the service manager or the service technician got an award for either knowing what they were doing or for just being a customer satisfying person ( someone who listens to you vent !) The same holds true if you go into the offices of professionals such as dentists, doctors, lawyers or CPAs. The certifications on the wall from variety of money making organizations verifying that an expensive examination was passed and the person is credentialed to provide their service. 

Now most will say, well of course we want someone to be certified ! I agree too, for is that not  the reason why one goes to the school for that occupation or profession? However, just because an examination is performed, does not mean anything to verify that someone can really do their job or provide excellent quality of service. It is the false sense  of security we get from seeing a calligraphed signed paper in a nice frame hanging on the wall  that lures us in. Perhaps there are more important qualities that need certification and credentialing and then celebrated for all to see and appreciate.
Such qualities to name but a few,  are kindness, compassion , love, gratitude, patience, thoughtfulness or peacefulness. Where are these certifications or plaques that we as a society have chosen to ignore to celebrate and honor or even appreciate that speaks volumes about the individual in comparison to what we have now. I can easily point out individuals with these big titles and glorious fancy reports in several professions who do not  even have one of the qualities described above. But I wont. Our focus is so much on pleasing others that enriching ourselves is forgotten.
I believe we have to have a larger view of our humanity and not be short sighted into what self appointed bonafide organizations with short and long mnemonics that test our patience and resolve with unnecessary testing and threats, tell us to think. These establishments hold these pieces of paper over the individual’s heads like dangling carrots and make them beholden to them for allegiance, else the consumer (us) will look away from them.  We have to believe in ourselves and our fellow man alike, and only once trust  is forged, can we move forward in self advancement and evolution. We need to hold the world to a higher standard by holding ourselves to that same standard.
So go for the credential examination of endurance, strength, love, compassion, listening, understanding, politeness, decency, tolerance and respect and pass it with flying colors. Unfortunately you will not get a framed paper of certification for your sincere efforts, but you just may get a grateful smile or a warm hug.


Author: Brown Knight

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