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Clarity of choice


The New Year has arrived. 2013. Did you think we all would have made it even this far? The world was supposed to have ended several times before this. 2000, 2010, then  2011 and then finally 2012. Cults, religious groups, ancient civilizations all predicting the End, but here we still are. We made a choice. A choice to continue to survive and carve out a little piece of life and exist.
I have been talking to and observing  one of my greatest teachers, my son. He is almost 18 months and is very involved with his choices, without regret or remorse and does so with great conviction and determination. I am sure that it is simply a part of the developmental milestones and that we have all gone through them, yet I cannot pause and wonder where along the way did I ( and we) develop the hesitation in certain choices, that  led to doubt, fear or even apprehension that swayed my course of choices through out my life.
From morning till night, my son makes choices. I can see the “wheels of his mind” turning. He makes these committed choices, without any fear of reprisal  or worry of the consequences. Of course he like all of us, learns quickly the ramifications of shall we say “not well thought out” choices such as touching a hot mug, or a sharp object, but it does not prevent him from daring to undergo the initial exploration. Whether it is to understand how to put the cap onto a pen, put a charging wire through a hole in the side of my table, or connecting the vacuum hose to the outlet or simply turning on the water faucet and see how water can be manipulated, he does it all. Fearlessly.
We all did these things too but at what point did we start hesitating to make a choice without the thought of fear. I think it is when we stepped out of the moment. As long as we stay in the moment there is no time for doubtful thoughts to change our minds, and so we just be and just do. The pure thought is there, it comes to the surface, and then words or actions take over, if we are focussed enough to make the decision and not let preconceived notions alter our course. This is how free thinking people and innovators function. They are in the moment. Metaphorically speaking we can take a page out of every child’s book, and awaken the child within, and allow ourselves to be  in the moment to allow our instincts and impulses to be guided by the moment and create that choice. It is in our DNA, our blueprint, to make choices. If you do not believe it, just observe a little child doing anything. They usually are free and happy making choices and thereby creating. I think the freedom of choice is one of our greatest gifts and assets, and no one can take it away. In some instances it may be perceived as being taken away but we are in fact giving that choice away and so that too is a choice. Free will.
I am not suggesting that by being “impulsive” we are making the right or wrong  choice, since no choice is either right or wrong until you put it into a context or judge it. The choice or the act of choosing is always pure as it must come from a place of spirit. If we “choose ” to live in the present moment, as the past cannot be altered and the future is not here yet, we can allow and let go at the same time the very strings that will hold us back from making the “right” choice.
Clear thoughts, clear feelings, clearer understanding. Hope this year is not full of regrets of the past choices and being in this very moment allows you the clarity of choice.


Author: Brown Knight

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