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Thankfully the world did not end

December 21, 2012. Its here. The day many have waited for with baited breath, some with anxiety, and some with gross indifference. But like all days it begins, it has a middle, and it has an end. Such is the same with life. This day is an important one no doubt. It is the time when the earth lines up with its galactic core, when the rest of the solar system planets line up with the earth. It happens only once every 25920 years. Today is it. NASA is worried about increase in solar flares, as the sun rises to higher peaks of activity with more solar storms. Engineers may worry that with the shift in earth’s polarity and axis, changes in electromagnetic shield, the world will be technologically handicapped. Pessimists worry that it is the end of the world with escalating natural disasters of earth quakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, super storms and volcanic eruptions. Others worry it is time for global domination by various hidden powers. Yet others will find reasons to believe that world markets, economies, and resources will collapse. However others affirm that this is a time for change. Good change, Necessary change.
The world is so overburdened with negativity that an eventual reset is bound to happen. The earth is shifting and tilting on its axis, but have you tilted on your axis and felt fine. Probably not, but yet you get through it.The earth will too. Time for a change is here and now. A time for quiet reflection on where you have been and reassessment of where you are going will help you recenter to where you really are, in this moment. The earth is going through heavy tumultuous upheavels, but it has to in order to get into alignment with itself and its inhabitants, and the rest of the universe. WE are out of sync with our own planet, with each other and most of all with ourselves.  Change is going to happen, and it is happening. It is how we deal with the change that is key, as is what we make that change to be. Do we change for the better or for the worse? Do we choose to make a difference or let that choice be made by others and remain indifferent?
As the earth vibrates to its new frequency, so too should we take the opportunity to be in silent meditation and tune our frequency to vibrate to the new harmonics of the earth. Get to a new equilibrium and new balance. After all everything is all about just that, balance. When we are agitated we are out of  balance with our thoughts, when we are sad  we are out of sync with harmony, when we are angry we are out of sync with our inner peace.  In the end we are constantly vibrating, since we are all particles( some more complex than others) but we are all made of out of the same stellar material. Everything around us namely earth, sky, water, air and the creatures in all the kingdoms,  all vibrate at a certain frequency too.  And so we and the planet vibrate together, co-creating.
We can either live in fear or live in love. This is your choice to pick which dimension of your vibrational balance do you want to explore. The day started off with pouring rain, dark stormy clouds and blistering winds, and then suddenly it changed to clear blue skies, filled with sunshine, and gentle breezes. Change comes quickly, but how fast are we at adapting is the key. We can let the endless guilt, past misgivings, baseless fears of the future  anchor us in this moment or we can be set free by bringing into our lives sincere forgiveness, gratitude and compassion.
The Mayan calender predicted the end of the world. or did we interpret it that way. I  think that they predicted that as with all change some will embrace it and most will not. Those who embrace the good change will evolve and attain enlightenment, those that do not will continue their ways and perish. Sounds doomsday-ish doesnt it ?? But like we sometimes believe we are in a prison or at your ropes end, we are that way as we choose to build our own prisons and hang ourselves with the negativity that we dwell in. I encourage you to listen and really listen to your mind, body, spirit and inner consciousness and bring forth that light of evolution, wisdom and beauty. Allow your entire being  including your heart, bones, every cell and DNA fragment come together and vibrate in unison. Thankfully the world did not end, and this day gives us another chance at making the right choice.
How tilted is your axis today?

Author: Brown Knight

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