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Who to vote for?

In this recent election, both parties fought hard to win your vote. Each side spinning their stories, their prowess and their abilities. Each side flung dirt on the other trying to highlight the opposite teams lack of effectiveness, their inadequacies and their apathies. Both attempted tirelessly to win the heart and minds ( and votes) of the citizens with promises of better reform, better quality of life, more financial or health incentives, better domestic and foreign policies. Unfortunately, neither side can deliver any or all of the promises and expectations of change that is so much needed at the moment.
We all are always hopeful that our government will provide the change that we seek. Regardless of nation, we surrender our choice for change to others, either to our local statesmen or to those at higher levels of government. But why do we do this ? Are we fearful that we have no control of our destiny, our future, our lives.? Is the world and its events too large for us to make an impact.? I think we do become complacent with these ideas that let some one else take care of the problem, but unfortunately the people governing do the same thing, known as red tape!  As a society and a race I think we all become too scared and shrug responsibility to others so we do not need to  think about what we need to be doing. Talking and complaining is all we do, Thoughts, leading to words, leading to action is more important. If we all took responsibility and then act accordingly then the day to day activities improve, and only then can change occur. It must start from within, with freeing the mind from fear, allowing the thoughts to emerge from a place of fearlessness, Allowing them to take hold into words and then by actions enable that change to occur. Through this process we transfer energies from the subconscious to the material world and make things happen!! WE actually do this constantly, yet how often do we do this consciously to bring about a good positive change. Whether you try this at your job, home, or at higher governmental level, the combination of mind, spirit and consciousness can come together to bring about astounding revolutions.
Imagine a collective consciousness all part of the divine source, working to move energies around the universe through creative thought, working to make energy waves,energy particles and events come into being and order from the molecular level. We are that collective- humanity, and all of nature acting in unison. Our collective thoughts are responsible for all the events in the world, good and bad. I will give you examples. When we collectively think of helping people after a  natural disaster like Tsunamis, earthquake, persecution, we can together and help them through aides of food, medicine, clothing and shelter and form entire organizations that work to this goal. When we are collectively of the mindset of the negative such as judgement against someones race, color of skin, creed, or religious beliefs, wars are waged and death and destruction are created. Regardless judgement causes words, that causes actions. But thoughts create judgements. Good or bad it is still a judgement.
So next time you have to choose or vote, do not just pick some candidate that will presumably make YOUR life better. Choose one who will help bring humanity together as a whole to a higher standard. In the end only we have the ability to make our lives the way we want them to be, through our thoughts, choices, words and deeds. You must be the change yourself that you seek to see in the world. When you change the way you look at the world, then the world you look at changes. So vote for yourself and do not depend on others to make your life choices for you.
 As a close dear friend recently told me, “Change occurs only when the pain of the present outweighs the fear of the future”. Good luck on your personal electoral campaign !

Author: Brown Knight

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