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All Hallows Eve


An exciting festivity enjoyed by all, with  a very interesting history. The significance of it has been an ancient and pagan root, with religious influences mostly through restrictions of pagan practices. It comprises of festivities for departed souls and remembering loved ones, but also the day that the dead can return to their homes. Of course  like most days of remembrance and celebration there is the dark side in which it is believed that you should dress up into something scary or light Jack o lanterns with scary carved faces so the evil does not recognize you.  Then the fun continues with the customary “trick or treat” parading around the neighborhoods, and perhaps followed  by traditional Halloween games such as the apple bobbing or divination. Elaborate household  decorations and efforts go into making this day a fun time for adults and children. The adults have their evening dress up costume parties  that usually end up being  good fun social occasions.
I partake in this event with full gusto, dawning my outfit, setting up my wireless speakers to the sound system to play loud haunting music,  getting the bowl full of assorted candy and be at the ready for the welcome of the large numbers of children that will come to my door to receive free sugary delights. And so they come. Group after group they ring the door bell, and announce ” trick or treat !”  Give them a treat quick lest they do the trick and be mischievous or so the tradition dictates. So I hand out candy or rather the eager munchkins dive into the bowl and take out fistfuls of candy and drop them into their bulging bags of storage, and off the next house they go. I have to admit I enjoy observing the clever outfits, except this year where most of the boys were some version of spiderman and the girls were princesses. Not much originality, but there were the exceptions like the “chick magnet” boy with the chicks attached to a magnet round his neck as he wore a nerdy looking outfit underneath, or the brother and sister who were dressed as the ” two peas in the pod.” But regardless it was simple fun, but the wheels of the mind were turning…..
As the giver, you may or may not dress up and just give out sweets. As the recipient you take the   high fructose offerings and you then consume all of it if your parents let you. Or simply you just dress up in scary or not so scary disguises. Which mask are we hiding behind? The one that we wear once on this mystical night or the one that we wear daily and roam around in in broad daylight? Additionally who are we hiding from? Dare I say ourselves instead of the ghouls and ghosts roaming on All Hallows Eve?
I have often wondered if it is the Ego that we fear, and so elaborate masks and costumes of the personna are worn to hide our fear which also hide our true Self from our ego and the egos of others. I am not referring to the clothing styles people wear, either too gaudy, or too scanty, or too covered up, depending on the fashion trends of the day or in fact on the moods of the individual. Clothing is only the outer costume on top of the inner costume that we wear. In the end we have to relinquish our body, our mind, and the ego. So the soul, the true self discards its many masks and outfits  and then reveals itself in all its glory. So why do we not portray this inner self, this genuine good individual freely without reservation and without pretense. Let the true nature shine with integrity and ingenuity with carefree wonder, and so not have to beholden to the constant give and take like the transaction of confectionary.
So the next time you start thinking of what you are going to dress up on Halloween or even simply on a daily basis, why don’t you then compare that idea to what you know of yourself and then see who do you wish to portray. And also which part of YOU do you want to reveal. Or will you simply hide behind the ever meddlesome ego and wear the mask and costume it commands you to wear.
Happy Haunting of your good spirit on Halloween !!


Author: Brown Knight

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