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Let it snow !

The most wondrous time of year is almost upon us. Everything is decorated with the christmas holiday spirit, right from lawns, and bushes outside, the interiors of homes and offices, the stores and the store windows, elaborately ordained with lights, hollies, garlands, bowls of chestnuts, reindeers, jolly Santas, festive red velvet bows and gold, silver bells hanging from ceilings and roof tops. But one must not forget the beautiful snow flake. Made in glass, crystal, plastic, or metal hanging where ever you go, innocently tucked away amongst all the flashy decorations. Soon they will take over everything when they fall for real in nature.
Ah the most wondrous time of year when the snow falls first few at a time bringing  you a warm happy feeling  of the season , and then it comes together flake by flake, sheet by sheet, layer by layer, covering everything. Nothing is spared. I used to never really appreciate snow. Well why should I, its a  mess to clear up, a pain to put away, and if too cold lasts all winter long till spring when it melts away leaving destroyed lawns. Looking at it differently though its a necessary part of nature. It provides water to us in bound forms. It provides unrestricted and imaginable play for children and adults. It is good exercise when cross country skiing and downhill skiing. So let us examine what is this flake that when comes together can paralyze us in a storm , or free our inner child.
The wondrous time of year with an intriguing part of nature. Have you ever got on your knees ( wearing waterproof warm clothes ofcourse) and picked up ONE snowflake and looked at it. Just looked at it. Each time you pick up a flake you pick up a new flake, with its own unique design. No flake is ever the same in structure, shape or design. Such I think is the same with us. Each of us is unique just like everyone else ! No one person is identical, not even twins. Everyone has their own personality, their own smile, their own “je ne sais quois.” But who made these flakes? What amazing artist thought of these unique designs and made them into existence? If these were truly were by design, extend that thought to us. What a magnificent design was used to make us ! And if there is a design that means a calculated creative thought was used to make the snow flake, us, and our lives and the universe we live in. If everything is by design why would the designer make a flawed creation? I think He hasn’t, and that the design is inherently perfect just like the snow flake, just like everyone in this world, and everything in this world and the  universe. So if everything is perfect why worry?
I think we worry as we are fearful and miss out on this understanding of the design format. Hence we judge critically to push ourselves away from this idea of “there is a grand design”  yet we are trying to achieve this design in a fearful way. Replacing these thoughts with love, can allow that to happen. Love everything from the snowflake, the animals, humanity, and the world gives you the freedom to see the design. I think we know this already, but our stubbornness leads to a multitude of hurdles with arrogance, ego and eventual denial. We are denying that who we are just to try to realize who we really are in the end !!  oh dear what a tizzy world we create for ourselves.
What a wondrous time of the year. I for one will refuse to let the frustrations, the denial, the fear get me down. I intend to enjoy the snow this year and each flake and celebrate its magnificent design and the Designer, for the majestic creation of humanity, and the world we live in.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !!!


Author: Brown Knight

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