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Look there’s a sign

Look there’s a sign


You have heard the phrase ” is it a bird? , is it a plane? no its superman!” We all look up in the sky and interpret what we think it is. Some think its a UFO, some a hot air balloon. But what are we all looking at? To each person there is a unique interpretation. I had an interesting experience recently that led to me be more aware of what I am seeing around me. I was driving to work when for some reason I became observant of a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that stated ” Pray Daily” It was enough to catch my attention. No sooner had I seen that, I happened to glance at my console screen that was playing the radio and the name of the relaxing tune that was playing was ” keeping your mind at peace”. Hmm I thought how odd. My mind drifted to remembering a friend from school, a faculty member who i had just that same day left a message of birthday greetings on their voicemail. Again a car bumper sticker reminded me ” Maine, the way life should be.” What a coincidence I thought, I was reminiscing about that faculty member from my school in Maine, and was galloping through the happy memories of time long ago.  I had been a little out of sorts that day, and unconsciously was trying to find out  why the stress and how to alleviate it. I got my answer:  Pray daily, keep my mind in peace, and remember good times and friends and family. 
To my senses namely vision ( seeing the bumper sticker), the sound ( of the soft music playing on the radio), the thought ( brought on by the second bumper sticker) these may have all been coincidences, but to the curious mind these may have been signs. From whom? The universal mind of intention? Is the cosmic organ playing a tune that i should be listening to? Is the All Pervading Creator teaching me to be more observant? Are there more hidden messages  that I should be seeking? Perhaps paying more attention to things around us we will realize that the answers for every question we ask are right there in front of us. Ask and you shall receive. Heard that before, but what if it is really true. Even for a second if we dare to believe it, can it happen? I submit that it can. Dare to dream, dare to ask, and dare to receive and accept it, and then just maybe we do not need to keep voicing our minds’ frustrations and say to God ” Give me a sign !!” and then arrogantly blame Him when we do not get the preconceived answer that we think we deserve to get. 
I think the universe IS talking back to you, just are we awake enough to see and hear the message is the question. Signs can be in infinite forms, coming at us through sight, sound, taste, smell, touch and feeling. We need to be able to drown out the background noise and not drown out the answer. How do we do this, when we are bombarded from every and any angle by stimulations of sights and sounds, which change our emotions, our energies, and then our resolve.  Focus, and being in the moment. Allowing the present to be all there is, and letting it be all it can be, filling every aspect of it, without judgement or fear. Only then can our senses catch up with what our true consciousness, our true self knows and sublimely surface and communicate with its divine purpose and  fulfill its destiny. We are too preoccupied with either things to do, or what others want from us , what we can or cannot give them, or how we can try to control others or let them control us, that we tune out the beautiful music within that is desperately trying  to remain in harmony with the divinity that is outside of us. 
Many a time we have conversations with ourselves on mundane matters such as ” I wonder if I can find the right plumber for that tough job?” and then next thing you know a truck whizzes by you on the high way with the name, telephone number of the plumber. ” I need advice on how to improve my lawn” and then you pass by a local home and garden store with a big sign and the words ” Free estimates available” printed in bold letters. ” I am hungry” and then you walk by a bakery and catch the scent of the fresh bread or pastry that they are making that day, and you wonder to yourself that you never knew  that the bakery existed in your neighborhood. Some may believe that these simple questions are unimportant, but if you do not pay attention to the simple answers where do you think you will get the answers to the more complex questions that cross your mind and heart and soul.  Countless questions are asked constantly and all are answered. I am reminded of something I once read about a conversation a man had with God when he went to heaven. He asked God why did you never help me win the lottery. I always prayed to win millions and lead a comfortable life. God’s answer was I heard your prayer, and I would have granted you your wish but why did you never buy the lottery ticket? !! 
I am suffering from a frozen left shoulder, and during an episode of a gnawing ache, I thought to myself ” I wish my pain would go away, maybe I should throw away this arm and be pain free”  Well that very same day, I turned the corridor and saw a man who was missing a left arm. It had been amputated off. He did not appear to be in distress, sad, or sulking about his fate. But that was a sign to me that I should have been less callous about my thoughts. So I immediately thanked my shoulder for the pain and proceeded about my day. Ever been driving and hit every red light that day. Hmm what is that telling you?
A sign does not have to be in neon lights, but it can be. It does not have to be some one shouting at you, but it can be ( perhaps a warning to watch out for some harm that is about to come to you.) It does not have to be a traffic symbol, but it can be, telling you to slow down and pay attention to the road and your moment. 


Perhaps next time you look up and  remark ” is it a bird? is it a plane?” No perhaps it is just the universe looking back and smiling at you and answering your deepest innermost question, who am I? With the answer, ” the best thing that I have ever created !!”


Author: Brown Knight

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