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Reflecting on Water


We are all made of water. Water is all around us. We feel its calming presence when we sit by the ocean or a river or take a trip to the beach. We listen to the sound of the sloshing waves, and reminded on a subconscious level of when we were in the womb, safe and secure. Water has healing powers when it comes to meditation, it calms us. There is so much to learn from water in all its  forms. 


When in solid state as ice it can be unbreakable, just like our egos. When we allow our ego to take over,we can be stubborn, hard headed not to allow ourselves to see reason and change. Fortunately in the end even ice is breakable and so are our egos.
When in semi solid  form as snow, it can be beautifully serene in a landscape , and powerful  at the same time as each seemingly fragile crystal flake comes together and can be formidable during a snow storm or an avalanche. Again similar to our mind. When calm and relaxed, we can control our minds to become serene, and envelope ourselves with peace and tranquility. Each of us as an  individual is unique with great abilities, you only have to look around you and in history to see what we as a species can do together, building vast civilizations, doing great and wonderful acts through kindness, generosity and goodness. Unfortunately we can also come together and just like avalanches and snow storms, devastate our environment, planet, our humanity and our souls through acts of greed, violence, apathy, corruption and hatred.
When in gaseous form, as vapor, water is all pervading, all around us, invisible but sometimes appearing as clouds or mist or fog, and just like our consciousness far reaching. When  we are in the present moment and happy we can focus and like clouds be seen as light and fluffy. But as overall vapor, non focused and dispersed without shape or form akin to when we are not present, scattered in our thoughts lacking cohesiveness.
Water in form of a large body can be transparent or have the abilities of reflection.  Like our souls we can reflect what we harbor within us. If we harbor anger, lust, envy, jealousy, and greed then that’s all we can reflect back out.  We must never forget that all these emotions come from a deeper source. Our consciousness is deep like the ocean maybe even deeper than the depths of the ocean floor. Whatever we think,say, or do comes from within and so negative thoughts, words, actions all scar us, and so these emotions don’t rise from within us, without us first hurting ourselves before hurting others.
If we are pure, enlightened and unburdened then we are light hearted, joyous and happy and transparent like water, holding on to nothing and reflecting nothing.
Water has no shape like our mind, spirit, and consciousness.  It is only when it is placed into a container does it take shape. Be it a cup, glass, beaker, bowl, bucket or an infinite number of possible containers, it takes shape. Similarly this trivalency when it enters infinite number of possible bodies, takes on a new form, yet like the containers, the body   ages and eventually fails, but the spirit like water remains eternal.
Water can take the form of rain, either bringing gentleness like a drizzle or torrential downpour that can cause floods. It can become a water fall, with enough energy to power cities if harnessed properly (Niagra falls ) or it can be streams innocently providing nourishment to the land along it. The analogy can be expanded to our emotions. Either gentle full of compassion and love like the drizzle and streams or full of hate and anger like the downpour, but regardless of the outcome the spirit or the water is still the same, whether you unleash it like a tsunami or harness its potential energy like a dam for a purposeful cause.
Examining water flowing in a river also reveals many interesting qualities that we can reflect upon. If we dip our foot into the water in the morning , and then dip it into it again later in the day, it is not the same water. Not only has the temperature changed, but the water has flowed on, we are dipping into a different river all together. So too with concept of our mind, it constantly flows sometimes changing temperament, we can try to control it but usually with little success like the flowing river, but understanding that by being still and acknowledging the river ‘s awesome strength so too the mind can be made to become still like a pond of water. The flow of water can represent time and from moment to moment it changes and so does the mind and body, but the boat within the river does not, much like the conditioned soul.
Like individual streams that flow into bigger tributaries, then flow into lakes and rivers, that ultimately end up into the ocean, we too follow this principle as we track through life moment to moment, day to day, eventually year to year, our spirit enters into the great One consciousness that we know as God. By being awake, alert and aware of our mind, spirit and consciousness we can like the water do amazing things in a multitude of forms. I encourage you to take a look at your own reflection in water, and come to your own conclusions.  Are you a dribble or a waterfall?


Author: Brown Knight

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