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I reached out to Dr. Bhatnagar quite a while ago when I saw that he had done a self-empowerment workshop back in the Fall of 2018. I was struggling with some personal dilemmas and wanted to see if his workshop could help me work through these issues. I did not know what to expect when I went to his workshop in February. I had committed myself to do this and now I was scared-what would happen?, would I cry?, would I resolve these issues and be able to move forward?, or would I not be any different then I was before his workshop? Every bit of me asked why? Why did I sign up to do this workshop? The answer was simple-I needed to bring some balance to my life and figure out why I was so unbalanced in my life.

I had been struggling for over two years with feelings of anger and the inability to forgive a family member. It was causing a lot of unbalance in my life. I did not want this person near me or to touch me and I had almost nothing to do with this person for well over two years even though we had once been close. I had spoken with Dr. Bhatnagar about this on multiple occasions but was unable to allow myself to let her back into my life. I decided that now was the time to attend this Self-Empowerment workshop and see if I could learn to allow her back into my life again and bring some peace to our relationship-for me it became all about forgiveness-I wanted to be able to forgive her for something she had done.

I arrived to the workshop on a Saturday morning in early February 2019, scared, nervous, and unsure if I had made the right decision to come to this. My worries went out the door seconds into being there. I knew this is where I needed to be. Dr. Bhatnagar and his wife, Nitika, put me at ease immediately. We had an emotional meditation to start this 8 hour session and the tears flowed. I still become emotional thinking about how much I wanted this to work. We spent the entire day working on how important bringing balance to one’s life is. I thought to myself-really? How is all this going to really change how I feel about someone? Well, after a very emotional day of self-discovery and holding my own self accountable, it was as if a switch had been turned on and for me, it no longer became about forgiveness of what I perceived this person did to me, but understanding of love and balance. We closed with another very emotional meditation and I left feeling different. I could not put my finger on it, but I went home in this state of peace I had never felt before.

I spoke at length with my husband that night about what had happened over the course of the day and all I can say is that it was magical for me. I started to seek out this person that I felt had wronged me. I made peace with her and have hugged her multiple times as well as spent a lot of time with her since that day in February. I just know that for me, going to Dr. Bhatnagar’s self-empowerment workshop has made a huge difference in my life and helped me to balance myself. I continue to work on balance in my life-it’s an everyday part of who I am now. As he points out-you have to put the work in everyday to maintain this balance and once you do; balance is love and love just is….

Lisa Chase