A flash in the pan.


Much of the scrolling we do on social media or on-the internet is littered with selfies, high fashion, or success stories, or these perfect appearing athletes with 6pack abs performing greatly at competitions. For most of us, we are enamored by the glory of the success, but what we see is only a “flash in the pan” of the reality of the effort it takes to create the final product.


Whether it is seeing the Olympic gold medal performance of Michael Phelps, or the launching of the SpaceX rockets, or a runway model’s classy walk, the wealth of a billionaire like Amazon creator Bezos or any number of final events, all we see is a glimmer of the process. We do not see the blood, sweat, tears, the hardships or the sacrifices that person has made to achieve their goal.


We live in a very impulsive society where everything has to be done quickly and expediently. The answers must be at the tip of our nervous system. The urgency in our replies to emails or texts are daily examples of this. Any ailment must be “googled” immediately and a diagnosis and treatment be found without exploring the patience in the process in which the human body is trying to deal with an illness. No mention of the origin of the disease is made in the medial notes, just the plan of action.. quick quick quick we must get better so we can jump onto the next stimulus.


Life is a journey and a culmination of a daily grinding process to get what we choose to accomplish. Each decision, each piece of hard work and dedication are pieces to the beautiful puzzle of life’s experiences. It would be ill advised of us to take one piece of the whole picture and judge it.


It requires us to slow down, which honestly most of us have a very hard time doing. To go with the flow of life, to become the flow of life is the gift we are offered and to enjoy the ride. Explore its highs and lows and refuse to take a slice of it for granted. Our very existences are truly also just a flash in the pan in the grand timeline of the cosmos.


Make your flash count.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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