How do we notice change?


Is it in months or years later? Or do we watch change occurring each day? Let us dive into this.


Yesterday, I had gone for a walk in my neighborhood, something that I rarely do, because I usually run. This meant a slower pace and more opportunities to observe my environment. What struck me was the number of branches that came in my way as I walked on the pavement. I was forced to duck several of the lower branches which interrupted my train of thoughts. SO I stopped and looked at some of these trees, then I looked ahead and behind me and noticed the enormity of the trees that lined both sides of the streets. I did not remember them being this tall or wide.


Now of course one might say that trees are meant to grow, alas everything grows and changes. Well our mind knows that, but does our heart? Do we FEEL the change as it is happening. Sometimes years or decades later we look at ourselves in the mirror and notice that we are no longer as young as we once were, we observe the wrinkles or the white hair ir perhaps the hair loss or the joint aches and pains. At other times we witness the stiffness in our bodies. But this takes more time.


If we are tending our vegetable garden or watching our child grow from being baby to a toddler, the transformation may be more swift, but the time from being a teenager into adulthood maybe appear more slower. It is all a perception of time. Sometimes when we meet a friend after many years we may notice the differences in their appearance or mannerisms, as we struggle to understand who they are now in comparison to who the version of the person we may remember.


Change is a funny thing. It is the only constant in the universe. Everything in the manifest world is subject to change, yet the more present we are in each moment we can observe this metamorphosis of everything around and within us with more clarity and grace. Instead of leap frogging through time in months, and years or decades. if we become fully attentive to the moment of now, we can see the magic of the Divine Artist at work with each stroke of the illusionary brush creating the next moment and the next and so on.


It is when we are centered we see that not only is there change going on, but in fact we are the change itself. The passage of time is like a wizard’s spell that we cannot easily observe, unless we are completely feeling the moment. To witness an eternity occurring in a second, is the ultimate state of love


Stay present, stay in love, feel the magic of now.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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