Have you ever experienced an eery feeling when you have visited a historical site? A step back into time, to feel what life was like. I have felt this on many an occasion. It is akin to walking through a museum yet more vibrant. My most recent encounter was at the Tower of London. A monumental location of deep history, intrigue, sorrow and marvel. It is known not just as the secure resting place of the Crown Jewels but moreover it is a palace and an armory. Yet it is more famously known for its executions and imprisonments. There are plenty of rumors of royal murders and conspiracies.


In fact, one of the rooms is considered to be one of the most haunted places in London as many have experienced the paranormal within its walls. Be it as it may, I do what I always do, softly place my hand just a centimeter from the surface of any wall or touch the earth, and clear all my thoughts. I breathe deeply and let go.


As I steadied my hand against the stone pillar, I was instantly transported centuries ago where I could see armored guards walking the hall, I could hear the cries of sorry souls being sent to their death as they were being shoved towards the executioner. I sensed the passage of time speed up towards different events in the past.


I realized that the only thing that keeps us from experiencing anything in the present is the dimension of time. If one is able to break this barrier it is a magical feeling to witness other time moments. The only thing that keeps us from traveling in time is this thin layer that veils all.


Time is a mind born manifestation that gives us legitimacy, for without time we would be lost in the seas of infinity not knowing who we are or where we are going.


Yet this same phenomenon of time that is but an illusion of our consciousness can be set aside as we feel the present moment and all moments through our heart space. Within the heart there is no time. It is the portal to connect to the infinite divinity. The more present we become and the less our mind creates the barriers of time. The simple dropping into the heart allows us the ability to transcend space time and here we experience unconditional love. All sorrows and joys, happiness and sadness, wash away into the void as we step into that which lies beyond time when we open our hearts up to gratitude.


Time travel is fun. It is a way to be able to visit ourselves when we were younger. To be able to heal. To be able to observe how the threads of good and bad experiences are all woven into the fabric of our lives.


Try it, you might find much serenity in realizing that you are but a fragment of the universal garment and well supported in all that you are, do and have.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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