Getting up early at 5am, exercising, meditation and writing and reading are part of my daily habits. Do I not like to sleep in? Do I like to do nothing on weekends?


No.. it’s not that.. when we live by low priority distractions, we feel like life is a drudgery and do what ever we can just to get from point A to C and call it quits…


Everything becomes a chore.. work, home life, relationships, physical existence…


Yet this is the way to survive.


When we live however inspired and do what we LOVE to do, then we get all the energy of the universe flowing through us to become energetic and fulfill our highest inspired actions.


For me I love to write and teach, heal and health. These are my highest priority goals and everything I do in life is evidence of that, especially how it plays out in my relationships, vocationally,family life etc


The key is to fins our inspired goal and live it, breathe it, feel it in each moment.


If I am not teaching or writing, I am studying and learning…. if I am not reading then I am training. I do these with my patients, clients, and with friends or family.


This is thriving… there is a different energetic frequency between thriving and surviving… your body, heart and mind all know this and continue to strive to remind you to become authentic to your self and be in integrity with your highest soul self..


Find your inspired goal… make it into a reality


Learn to thrive not survive


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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