Food is food they say. Not quite. I had traveled to England and Europe as I did other parts of the world as a youngster, but my palate and gut had long forgotten what the difference in the content of foods across the globe can be. We were reminded during this trip.


So as a rule of thumb I do not do gluten or any dairy and attempt to stay away from anything sugary or any processed foods. This is usually hard as there is always cross contamination. The side effects for me include mental exhaustion, mood lability, and all of my joints hurt. More over my belly gets bloated with the inflammation and the bowel constituencies let go.


So basically I avoid these foods in the USA, given the well known and undisputed fact that the vast majority of foods are grossly over processed and contaminated with pesticides and chemicals. This is quite obvious if you pick up products at the grocery store and compare their European or Uk counterparts such as Quaker Oats. Across the continent the ingredients have like 3 items and in the USA at least 10 to 16.


The food tastes fresher and healthier too. So I decided to test out some theories using my own body as a petridish.


I ate gluten croissants, and even pastries. NO bloating, or belly changes.


I ate ice-cream. No diahorrea.


I ate few small pieces of UK chocolate or dessert. NO joint pains, no mood changes and certainly no food comas.


The food tasted very different too. I felt I needed to add salt to everything, but I resisted the urge. The chocolate or the dessert treats tasted less sweet, rather bland. My kids were somewhat bewildered at the lack of sugar rush they were getting and attempted to eat a little more to derive the same buzzed feeling if they ate less of the same at home in the USA.


The American diet is over salted, over processed and vastly more sugary with the mysterious high fructose corn syrup ( largely unseen as an addictive in European food markets).


The taste of the salad vegetables and the fruits were certainly more vibrant to the palate.


A culinary delight to explore other foods but more than just a different method of preparation but the founding roots of the ingredients are just as key. Fresher, untainted, unpolluted and largely unprocessed.


I forgot what my digestive system was used to growing up, but a great reboot to make sure it stays leaner, cleaner moving forward.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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