Three little words can change ones life.


“ I don’t know”


I have heard this many a time, yet I have not always been accustomed to experiencing it. I am now.


With the world appearing to have gone mad, my answer is “ i don’t know”.


“I Dont know” is one of the most courageous phrases I have come across.


“I don’t know “about the future


“I don’t know “ about my relationships


“ I don’t know” about my vocation


“ I don’t know “about my next step


“ I don’t know “about my finances.


I don’t know.”


Yet it is perfectly rational to sit in this crucible of “ I don’t know” and feel through the emotions that have been like a pendulum swinging from one end to the other and bringing me back to center. Ideas of progress to ideas of destruction.


Back to “I don’t know. “


This is not an affirmation of surrender, or of frustration, or of anger. Though it can be if permitted.


Yet “ I don’t know” is a gateway to a deeper questioning and portal to a different level of understanding.


It is at this zero point of stillness, in this quiet moment of “ I don’t know”, a beautiful wisdom is born.


Society wants us to have all the answers and have them quickly and immediately at our finger tips. Sadly this is not how our consciousness awakens. It takes time.


We are living in an amazing pause of humanity’s consciousness to be able to digest the past and prepare the future for amazing new innovations, creativity, enterprise and charter wondrous new explorations into the unknown frontiers of our hearts, minds and souls.


We are expected to have certainty in our voyage into the earth, the oceans, space and beyond. “ I don’t know “ just does not give the journey that much needed launch.


However “ I don’t know “ is the very foundation that is the birthing place for asking the right questions. It is in fact the step that must be gently acknowledged before any achievement is to be made.


So for now, I am comfortable in my seat of “ I don’t know”. I listen for the past to be heard and let go. I feel for the tick of the clock of uncertainty and the fears of the unknown that spring to the surface. As each moment of “ I don’t know” passes it brings with it an ever increasing awareness of certainty and presence.


The “ I Dont know” transforms into “ I am love” in due course. It transforms the surrender to an innate sense of knowing and certainty. I am in no hurry to miss the opportunity of an organic evolution.


So to answer many of my questions that I face, my answer will be “ I don’t know”, till such time that clarity is manifest. I settle into this field of intelligence, as I am assured that the “ I don’t know” entity is not the same as “ unknown “. The former holds great wisdom that may lay dormant just before the big bang of ideas and dreams comes to the forefront.


I can imagine the Creator holding that pause of “ I don’t know “ till the moment was ripe to illustrate the universe with time and space.


“ I don’t know “…… yet.


Your powerful ally,


Dr Bhatnagar




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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