A story about a little story that runs deep.


There was once an infant turtle that was crossing the road and got hit by a black car. It nearly died. It was rescued by a passerby, who took it to the vet, and then nursed it back to health over many months. It took refuge with this stranger and it was well taken care of. Yet interestingly anytime it came near something black, it would markedly become agitated and aggressive and hit the black object, but would return back to passivity if the black object was removed from its path.


This little turtle is not unlike us. We become conditioned to various experiences in life, some with good outcomes and some with undesired results. No matter how much we try to let go, we always react in some way to the negative trigger. A loss of loved one, a break up in a long term relationship, a sour career experience, an accident. We fill our minds with the negative perceptions and then choose to react unfavorably when exposed to the stimulus.


It is wise to learn from both the negative and the positive life lessons. We love to pick the pleasure and avoid the pain, yet it is in the pain that we unlock its shadow and it is in the pleasure that we find the hidden pain. The answers always lie deeper.


Yet one day we are invited to awaken and responsibly ask the face in the mirror or to the heavens above or the heart within to give us the strength to find the answer to the repeatedly negative patterns that plague our lives. It is when we embrace the reality as it is and not as we think it should be and we finally surrender to the understanding of the nature of the matrix, that we are able to heal.


Healing is a 2 sided equation in all parts of life. It is in the loving of the reality in all its forms in each moment that we receive a profound wisdom of the balance scale that is guiding and teaching us. Every experience is an opportunity to grow, no matter what manifestation it presents before us. It is all universal feedback to allow us to return us back to the path of love.


We are all turtles on the road trying to avoid traffic.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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