When we get on to a bus, we do not doubt or question the driver


When we get onto a ship, we do not doubt or question the captain.


When we get into a plane, we do not doubt or question the pilot


So why do we not do the same thing in life?


Not question Source, have faith in the creator and the universe we live in


Source does not want us to work harder, but trust it more.


Faith is not something that must be seen to be believed, nor is it to be taken blindly. Faith, true faith is a deep trust of a sacred contract of knowing before things happen, that life will work out based on a divine order.


The vehicle is the universe that that we are in, and the Source is the “driver” of it.


As we travel each day within this vast cosmos, we are invited to do so with faith. A surrender of experiences to the driver. Our faith is the “ticket” that we received to be in the vehicle, to travel our journey with unconditional love.


The magic of life lies in the trusting of Source, and realizing one day that we too are just threads of that same magnificent garment we call the universe ❤️.


No doubts, no judgments, no fear, just infinite knowing that we are exactly where we are meant to be, at the right time, and place and moving forward as divinely destined by our cosmic plan.


Our guide is our heart. Learn to trust it more. It will not fail you if you have faith in yourself, Source and the universe.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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