I had a very satisfying encounter the other day at the office. My 86 y old patient had come for a routine cardiology follow up. We went over all her vitals, her meds and her medical conditions. Her persistent shortness of breath I gleaned was not cardio or pulmonary related but increased weight gain from a very sedentary lifestyle.


I had the opportunity to dawn my functional nutrition and movement hat and we had an inspiring discussion of how to improve her meals and her dietary supplementation.


We discussed an abbreviated fitness plan to get her to start moving.


I reminded her of Newtons Law “ a body in motion will stay in motion” and then informed her of my law “ A body at rest will be laid to rest”. We had a delightful laugh and she was now inclined to listen to how to get moving.


Simple exercises to stay active, and mobile and easy stretching exercises were outlined. And then I asked to see how she stood up and sat down on her seat. She did it with difficulty and with assistance. I noted that it was really a functional dynamic issue. I gently corrected her ability to squat to the chair keeping in mind her position of her heels and knees. She did it a few times. She was thrilled.


She did not need any assistance ! She was surprised and said “ No one has ever corrected my sitting position before, this is easier and I dont need any help !”


I proceeded to teach her simple “deadlifting “ exercise to show her how to pick up something from the floor, and how to use proper mechanics to put an item onto a shelf above her. She was again shocked, but now eager to regain her independence so vowed to practice these functional movements starting with the squats.


This was a most satisfying visit, in which I felt I actually assisted someone in becoming self empowered and not just be slaved to medications as is accustomed by “doctor visits”.


She turned around as she began to leave and said “ No doctor has ever spent the time to help get me moving on my own, only told me what to do, you sure you are a cardiologist?”


I laughed and winked and replied “ I wear many hats but I do what I love to do to get folks up and running on their own.”


Looking forward to seeing her in 6 months at least functional and independent, if not doing cartwheels.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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