The cold winds pierce my ears. The white of the snow blinds my eyes. The arctic chill freezes my bones. I lay dormant within. Not all is gloom and doom as another cycle is forecast and awaits its turn on the ferris wheel of seasons to emerge. Just below the ground is a knowing of nature to turn the clock and respond to the alarm bells of an awakening. The seeds germinate, the grasses will grow, the flowers will emerge beautiful and bright. The birds will sing their melodies galore, and the animals shall partake of the feasting of life.


As the invitation of spring awakens my heart, I find that the seeds of love planted so long time ago as an innocent child begin to now germinate as I let go of the wintry past of old experiences. The cracks of timelines of afore have been sealed and a new mold emerges with the season of my heart’s awakenings. The landscape is unknown yet the tools to forge it are. Patience, and lighter footing I will tend this spring garden with care and ease.


The pulsating beats of the earth’s slow movements stirs my heart and my senses to allow me to metabolize all that I have detested and transform my mind into one of tolerance. The blossoming flowers of my thoughts emboss visions of a greater future that is ever known. The songs of birds are fine pieces of music of my soul that permeate through every cell and nerve fiber as I resonate now with the brightness of the sun.


The cycles of nature and me are synced. As they are for everyone on the planet as we are part of nature. Our own cosmic awakenings are timed to our own choices. We choose when to hit the snooze button or when to respond to the alarm. Yet once awake, one cannot help but begin the process of clearing up older programming and cleaning up false ideas from older timelines.


You? How is your spring clean up going?


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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