For those of you who enjoy the posts I write. Thank you for reading. My intention is that they assist in showing you a path that many including myself have feared to travel.


This path is the unfolding of your heart so that you may see the beautiful bright light that exists within, and that you may one day recognize as YOU.


There is much magic on this path, and there are many doubts, questions and fears. Yet these only serve to validate your quest for understanding, learning and discovering the truth within us all.


There is no end to this path, there is no silver lining or a pot of gold waiting for you. Yet I will assure you that this path has rewards when you open the treasure chest of your heart and find what you have always been looking for. You looking back at yourself with balance, peace and love.


For those of you who do not enjoy the posts. Well I do not apologize for attempting to evolve you past your comfort zone. And I am coming for you !


If you ever any questions or know more about a topic that I have written please feel free to add to the thread so that others may learn and the knowledge is shared amongst the collective of souls.


With blessings of wisdom, love and light




I love you

Author: Brown Knight


  1. Your writings have been a great inspiration for me

  2. Your writings have been a great inspiration for me

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