“Darkness my old friend “is the famous lyric of the sound of silence song by Simon and Garfunkel in 1963.


Most of us are quite afraid of the darkness. We feel that there is something terrible that lies within. Something so sinister that we are afraid to look. But look we must. For in the darkness there is nothing to distract us. For in the blackness of it all, is a reflection of all our own fears that we have created within our mind. All the demons that reside within are given the space to frighten us.


Yet it is this opportunity for us to slay those demons and find out what they have been preying on during our lifetime. What perceptions do they control that continue to paralyze us. We fear ourselves. We fear our own strengths. We fear our own weaknesses. Yet this is the greatest illusion of all. Fear.


At the core of it all what gives us fright is the lack of safety, the feeling of insecurity, and the shivers of not being seen. For if we are not seen, who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose of existence? Where have we come from and where are we going? These questions feel too big to answer and we become lost in the questions not resolved in finding the answers.


Darkness is the not the absence of light. It is the conviction that the light shall never return. That is what scares us the most. Yet the beautiful idea I would like to share is that if a candle is held out in the day held up next to the sun, it barely can be seen. Yet if the candle is in a dark room, it illuminates absolutely. This is the journey of the heart. To light the candle of our soul and shine despite the darkness. A spark is but a part of the every blazing fiery flame, just as the soul is part of the infinite Source.


Darkness is the womb in which we reside to be allowed to grow, not shrink. The dark is the cradle in which we surrender and from its ashes aspire to grow and become a starry sun. It is here in these depths that the transcendent life begins. The older we get the lonelier we get, not because people around us are dying but instead the deeper the love we find in that darkness. This is wisdom.


For one day when we step out of the dark dark space of our mind, the void returns a champion of hearts that is ready to embrace the vastness of life itself.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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