A balanced mind unlocks a grateful heart. The heart brimming with gratitude opens the portals to the next level of ascension and self evolution. For the one that knows that the way forward can be in any direction for the heart has no preference.


All paths are the way home. It is for these enlightened souls that the universe reveals its secrets. When those that dare to follow their hearts despite all the voices on the outside telling them that they are wrong, a light along their path is shone to guide them to the secrets and the way home.


But how does one become an enlightened soul? An honest question. When we live our lives with authenticity and truth, then the transparency of our mind is no longer a veil but instead a conduit to the open heart. Our triggers are our teachers, and each trigger reveals what still is left to be healed. In other words the teacher is the person right in front of us.


A healed mind is the way.


An open heart is the way.


Gratitude and grace is the way.


A soul on purpose is the way.


All paths lead to the way.


Once we know the way, we then know the way



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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