Broken hearts, broken trusts.

The feeling of once being happy and now sad. We may desire to hide away from the world or even just throw it all and run away. We struggle with the words as the nerves are frayed by the fears. We feel that we are broken, damaged beyond repair. Now with a fractured heart all the scars are open and we bleed out our emotions

The sinking depths of being a lost cause are echoed in our ears by all those that we thought once loved us. We fight our inner demons as we try to piece together our shattered hopes and dreams. Losing sleep and appetite become the daily norm.

We so want to be found yet feel hopelessly lost.

We keep running and running and running. Our heart beats faster and faster chasing what we know we are after. Yet one day when standing still we realize that everything in our lives we have seen twice. WE have been here before just spinning back around and around. We have been so addicted to the numbness that we search for the next fix that will save us.

We feel we are crawling and at times falling, faster and faster into a void of despair. We cannot breathe and feel that we are suffocating in the open fields. Everything we thought was real was a lie. The world, relationships, goals and ideas all an illusion. A cruel deception of experiences with misinterpreted senses on overload.

The world feels it has no meaning any more, and we just want to run. We identify as being abused and used. And we run. And keep running and running. Running from our heart.

Till one day standing here we see our whole life and everything we have seen twice. In the pause we breathe again, our heart slows down, our body softens, our thoughts become coherent, our vision clearer. WE become more aligned with soul truth and realize that every impulse and every instinct has been nurtured from the mind, yet the soul voice has never stopped calling us out.

Our intuition reveals the heart was never broken just the fragmented mind. The heart unravels the soul purpose that was never lost just waiting to be discovered. The relationships were all aligned to teach, never to damage. The lies were just perceptions of a blinded sense. Our indecisions were based on faulty data. Our inactions were reflections of our fears.

This is the journey of healing that each mind, heart, body and soul is invited to go through in every lifetime. To find the light that was always there patiently awaiting to be released.

Trust your own light,

Trust your own heart,

trust your own life.

Trust that the universe will hold you in its hands while you fall apart and rebuild again.

Trust that every experience in some way is for self evolution.

Just trust.

And surrender with faith.

For we are the beautiful way Source experiences Itself.

For every experience is a deep dive into discovering the authenticity of our true self known as LOVE.

Do not run away, instead run towards your own heart.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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