Slowing down


I am always in a rush. I suspect you are too. I always have to be in at least 3 places at once. Family life, work life, personal life, all blend in at times as I forget the boundaries and enable the overlay of these worlds into one quagmire of confusion.


Work chores being done at home. Personal life being delayed due to home chores. Home activities delayed due to work. Life begins for me at 200mph. Or at least so says the sign on my garage door just before I enter the house. For far too long have I lived with this notion of speed is everything. The faster I do things, the more I can achieve. Ergo the more I achieve, the better I am. The “better I am”, the faster I can do things. And so the spinning wheel accelerates each day. Forwards or backwards I am yet unclear which direction it spins.


I am learning a new concept. Slowing down. As the perception of time genuinely speeds up these days, leaving me with the apparent feeling of being “out of time” I began to slow my own pace. Reducing the speed at which I do things by being fully engaged in the present moment has in fact helped me enormously to “control” time. I am now able to realistically accomplish more and more in less and less time by being in the present rather than the past moment or the future moment yet to come.


Slowing down the thoughts of my chatter ful mind to match the speed of my body ( which mind you is not getting any younger). Then concurrently slowing down my aging body to the resonance of the speed of my heart. As I emanate only love for the moment, it directly translates in to love for my thoughts, words and actions that thus ensue.


The unconditional love vibrates at a pace of manageable time and space and manifests just the same. The slower rate of thought that is now regulated by the engine of the heart is then transformed into clearly transmitted words and dutiful actions in the world of numerous dimensions. Much like a train carting along several carriages at the same speed, so too the engine of my heart tempers the speed of my mind and body and my translated reality into one that does not exceed the speed limit of chaos and wear and tear of my psyche.


Learning to love was my first key to slowing down. Love for myself, my surroundings and my moments. It was also the key to ignite the fire to start my long train of carriage full of ablutions regardless of category. I was always at fault for trying to control my external environment in order to gain assemblance of my internal environment.


As it turns out I was wrong. Starting at the heart and then working my way outward was far more productive and fruitful. Statements such as ” It ain’t easy…” or ” I will try” or “I can’t because of …” or ” but..but ….but..” were soon left at the doorsteps of my own fears and ignorances.


I chart new dimensions at a different pace. A speed of the heart. So can you.


I Love You

Author: Brown Knight

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