What does it mean to love?


For most of us the verb “to love” is easily used in passing as part of a greeting as we walk out the door in the morning, or to end a conversation over the phone. For many it is difficult to use in a sentence such as to say “ I love you”. For most it is a simple verb thrown in as a statement of a fleeting emotion. Yet “ to love” is one of those most challenging things to define and even harder to do.


Why is that?


In my contemplation, I discovered that in order “ to love”, it requires a certain level of deep vulnerability within to be exposed to allow that frequency to take root. Love is an energetic frequency of the highest order that pervades the cosmos. Love is the very fabric that is woven in the universe that binds all things together like a thread spanning across infinite time and space.


So to permit that wave in and wash over our minds, and in order to let it vibrate in our body we have to be able to let it IN. When we open the doors of our heart to another human being, it means that we let that person in, and see us in all our shames, guilts, wounds, hurts and not just in our happy and joyous, perfect times. To stand naked emotionally, mentally, spiritually before another requires courage. But more than this, love insists that we stand before OURSELVES with this same vulnerability and open our hearts to our truth of WHO we are, WHAT we are, AS we are and HOW we are. No questions asked. We have to surrender the key to our soul. This offering needs trust to have a foot hold.


Trust in ourselves.


When we have allowed this LOVE to rest and make a nest within our hearts, only then can we resonate it out to anyone, and everyone in all spheres. It is in that moment we can truly grasp what it means “to love”. To love, encompasses UNconditional love, yet for most of us we have attached too many conditions to that which we profess to another being. Why ? Simple. We hold our OWN hearts in chains with the equal number of conditions.


“To Love” is easy once we plant the flowers of trust that unlock the doors of our hearts with the magic of surrender, watered by the pools of vulnerability and exposed to the light of truth. It then pulsates from the pores of our being and resonates from our very cells and reaches out and touches other open hearts like branches of a tree extending out towards other trees through the winds and tides of life.


Most will never understand what it truly means to love. Even less will ever reach the heights of experiencing love. Yet for those few who stand courageous and honest to their own hearts, will feel the effulgent and explosive nature of love that has been with each of us in the past, now and for infinity.


Love is the heart beat of life. Love was never born nor will it ever die. Love simply is. Love is You and me and everything. And “ to love” is to explore this infinity with eyes and hearts wide open.




I love you ( I mean it)

Author: Brown Knight

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