One day.


These 2 words have pushed me to do things that I would otherwise have never accomplished, and yet also hold me prisoner.


My journey into endurance sports was interesting. I admired my friends who had done these events and I kept saying to myself that “one day” I would do it. It propelled me forward with that goal, but I remained in absentia for the training, till last year when I replied back to a friend’s inquiry regarding the Ironman race.. “one day” I said.


My dream of being a cardiologist as a 4 year old boy was a one day I will be a heart doctor


My dream of being a husband or a father was again a “one day”


MY goal of learning to fly.. “one day” I wanted to be a pilot.


There have been so many “one day” I want this or one day I want to do that or one day I wish to travel to..


It is not until I had to convert those “one days” to the mindset that that day is NOW. I chose and then did it. It was not until I said YES that the commitment began to any and all of my endeavors. All goals to be accomplished became manifest once I changed the ONE DAY to YES NOW.


It is not until we cross that precipice that we transform the one day dream or goal to make it into a tangible reality.


It is in the living of that one day future experience in the present day that we live in the now moment and explore all that was once a dream.


The mind blowing idea is that all moments in time and space actually occur simultaneously and in the present moment. So even the once created dream is being experienced by our future selves. Yet it is possible to initiate that experience faster by moving forward to the one day goal TODAY.


I don’t know what I’m going to be one day but I know that when that day arrives it’s going to be epic



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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