I had a beautiful experience when I had gone for my long run a short while ago… it was most unusual and it has taken me a month or two to unpack what I experienced.. permit me to share


I was running on the bike path and there was nobody else there…even the squirrels had gone to go hide amongst the branches of the trees.. a few birds darted about in the patchy clouded blue sky


As I was in motion I looked down at my watch and I was making good time but then suddenly for some inexplicable reason I decided to stop but my watch timer kept on going


I felt the Stillness around me… the tree branches stopped moving the breeze arrested all the creatures including the birds froze…


I could not move and in that instant everything around me disappeared as if the illusion had stopped on the spinning Merry Go round of life


It was as if the software of the computer suddenly had a glitch and froze.


All parts of me started to dissolve…


I understood…


I am not this body.


I am not a cardiologist


I am not a runner


I am not a father, husband, son


I am.not a man


I am.not human being


One by one all the identities that I had once created since my birth fell away.


Till I reached…


” I am ” then i am not


I was not the egoic identity…of mind body


There was no “i”


All around me I could simply feel the presence of light just pure light and there was no bike path, trees, creatures, sky, Earth… nothing


Then everything vanished and there was simply Darkness a beautiful Stillness at a level of deep serenity and peace


A great wisdom lay in this void


It was primordial


I don’t know how long I was there for it felt like an eternity floating formless shapeless without identity.. i was connected to something much bigger


I was at complete peace


Slowly I felt the pull of something….gravity perhaps.. then i experienced all my identities return covering me up like layered blankets and suddenly I felt I was back in my body surrounded by the trees, the bike path, the sky and everything suddenly restarted as if the software program had come back online in full movement


The wool was back over my eyes


I looked down at my timer and only one second had passed for what had felt like an eternity.


I was not shocked by this experience…i was not scared…it felt right. I was shown something Beautiful that was beyond the limits of my senses…. a truth..


I carried on with my run with my new inspired fuel of having been able to step out of time and space and witness behind the veil of the universal illusion


There is so much mystery around us.. yet all of it is knowable if we look beyond our conditioning of the mind and simply listen to the song of our soul and the music of the creator


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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