So reflecting back on this past year of training and the race, I find that I have seriously leveled up on what I used to be able to do…


In part largely to my friends who have some horrible ideas when it comes to tough training in the name of fun…


I had to say YES. I had to make a choice… to go on or get left behind… I chose forward


I had to work past many mindsets that I felt were too big to funnel through.


That maybe one of the reasons I chose to do this seemingly impossible race.


It is when we go through something impossible we discover what is possible and that anything is possible… we unlock a certain magic when we uplevel when we complete something hard


Always dream an impossible dream.. achieve it and see what arises after…


The dream is just a goal.. and the fears, doubts are barriers to that goal.


I gave my coach Jon Blanchard a ton of excuses of why i didnt feel i could do the workout…. not enough time, the weather, i am not strong enough, ot was too late…kid duties..but every time he simply said ” we all have excuses…but it is when we choose to use them is the issue”


I learned alot about my potential…breaking physical limits, pushing past mental limits, understanding the depth of my emotions and how to get to new heights….


I learned the differences between superficial and deep praises..


This race changed me. I can literally feel the ability to break up problems and slow things down into the quantum moment of time and space.


Will I keep training hard? Will I do more races? (Probably)


I have uncovered that I actually don’t care about the races, or my time or podiuming….I care about the journey of training, what I learn, what I can share with others and how much fun I can have on the way….


Race day is a celebration of all the training


So yes I will keep training… why?


1 I want to learn how to keep pushing past all limits and experience the other side of fear


2 I want to stay fit so when my kids and wifey get into more athletic I can keep up


3 I want to try different courses of races


4 I want to keep fit and train for LIFE….be able to have bike rides with my dear friends and family when I am 65, 75 80 etc.


I can not go back to an older version of me, now that I have expanded into this new form


We all have to have goals but more importantly the PATIENCE to get there…


That is one thing I have learned…..patience….


The patience to achieve an impossible dream…


There is no greater challenge in life than starting on a different path..


They say that ” the journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step” but my mantra I created was ” the journey of one step begins with letting go of a 1000 fears ”


So get out there and achieve the impossible… unlock your magic and potential


You don’t know what you have in you… till you try…..thankful my coach and my wifey Nitika Bhatnagar saw my potential and helped me unleash it….this race potential translates into all areas of my life…..because now…..


anything is possible


I Love you


Ps looking for more training with friends and other stronger atheletes I adored from afar….because now I have a chance to play in a different arena and level up

Author: Brown Knight

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