I am chatting yesterday with a patient about his surgery and he informs me that it was postponed…. I inquired as to why since I had already cleared him for his non cardiac surgery.


He informed me that the surgeon had suddenly passed away ! I was shocked and flabbergasted…. saddened as I even though I was not a close friend of this colleague, he was still a fellow doctor whom I had worked with for decades…..


He had finished work… gone for a 16 mile bike ride with his son and on his return, placed his bike on the porch and then collapsed dead.


He was an avid rider and reasonably fit and was well versed in the sport. So this obviously came to everyone as a shock…


I said a prayer for him. I then pondered on my own life as one does during such events. So much of resemblances of being A doctor and an athelete… yet as I saw that he did exactly what he loved doing…. medicine and being fit/biking


We consciously never know when we are going to die, yet 2 dates are always certain.. day we arrived and the day we depart this planet…. it is what we do in the time that we have that counts…


He was and is well loved by his patients, missed by his friends, family and colleagues and left a huge impact on all those that he served… he enjoyed life to the fullest, and even till the end explored hobby….


I wished I had learned how to ride much earlier so I could have had some good rides with him… but that was not meant to be


I do not know when my time will run out… all I do know is that today is precious and to be used to its fullest in service of what I do, and to enjoy the life and time I have been given, and to offer each gift and talent I have been offered to its highest potential in service of humanity and the world.


Yesterday is a memory… tomorrow is not guaranteed.. all we have is this moment of Now.


Enjoy the day friends.. see you when I see you.. and stay connected to your divine purpose and being. And moreover stay connected to each other… for this is the fabric of life in which we live in and time is short



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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