Yesterday was Friday the 13th, 2022


An elusive date riddled with superstition and mystery. Moreover it has been shrouded in fear. Lets explore this interesting date and its history


Even though it has been considered an unlucky date in western lore, it is in fact a rare date, occurring once a year. That to me is more lucky than not, as we play the cosmic odds. It is in fact the number 13 that plagues this date in the form of Triskaidekaphobia, and now the complete Friday the 13 phobia as paraskevidekatriaphobia. Yet the number 13 is not limited to Christian legends in the Middle Ages of recounts of the Last supper and 13 members on the Thursday before Good Friday and the Crucification which simply adds to the flavor of fear.


In fact Norse mythology also notes the 13 guest Loki ( Greek God of Mischief) at a banquet prior to the death of Baider. Better yet in history many famous people have died on this day ( ignoring the blatant fact that not only do famous people die on any day, but also a person can die on any day and do so everyday, not just famous ones).


In other cultures such as the Greeks, the Spaniards and in ancient Roman times its not friday the 13th that is unlucky, but Tuesday the 13th is bad for business ( but thats another story. ) In fact Italian cultures historically were more concerned about Friday the 17th as the date of destruction ( but lets leave that for another date).


Hotels sometimes will eliminate the 13th floor and in hospitals the 13th room on every floor is skipped to allow for less superstition of dying at a hospital ( even though death knocks at any room in a hospital). The number 13 is considered unlucky and there is always some myth or superstition to substantiate this ideology and even as far back as antiquity of greater than 2000 years ago. Perhaps due to the fact that most patterns are up to 12 ( 12 days of Christmas, 12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus etc ) and the mind cannot handle what happens to a 13th number.


Right from the arrest of the Knights Templar on Friday oct 13 1307 leading to execution, or bombing of the Buckingham palace in 1940, or various environmental devastations of weather and celebrity demises this date haunts our subconscious. And now with the addition 2020 fiasco it simply heightens our uncontrollable disbelief of world events.


Here’s my simple take. This day is like any other. It is an opportunity to grow, learn, create, serve, help and heal ourselves and humanity and the world as a whole. IF I fall into superstitions and outward conjecture of these mysteries then I allow the outside world to control me. No thank you, I make own luck and destiny.


This day is like NO other. It is a unique day by astrological timelines of rarity to seize the day and do something amazing. So instead of saying OMG what else can possibly go wrong with a day like Friday the 13, simply bask in the power of the day and your ability to commune with it to bring about inspirational change to the world or to yourself..


As my friend posted online the other day “ Have the day you deserve, and let Karma sort the rest of the shit out”



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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