The other day I was inspired when I saw a picture of 2 lovely friends of mine Alex Budzinski and Carol Budzinski who have been married for a very long time. They had posted a very old photograph of when they were teenagers in love. Who knew that one day that innocent meeting would turn into a loving marriage of decades and a beautiful family filled with children and grandchildren and endless memories.


But what if they DID know? At a purely energetic level. What if their future selves at that time (which is their present self ) was able to somehow connect to their past self with an energetic ribbon in the stream of consciousness? ( please read this again)


When we “know” a certain direction is the right one, it is because we are in tune with our intuition which stems from our heart space. This region that surrounds the physical heart space has been described by many in poetry, philosophy, quantum physics and even in metaphysics. It has the ability to allow precognition a few seconds into the future. Yet what if each heart space of an individual is connected to the next heart space of the same individual in the future but a few seconds ahead of them, over and over again, till minutes, hours, months, years, decades of versions of ourselves are all connected via our heart spaces, like a string of pearls.


The past, the present and the future are all connected via our heart spaces and here is the really wild part that quantum physics has theorized….. all time states are occurring at the SAME TIME. In other words everything past and future are happening right now !


I remembered the time when I was scared to even enter a gym, or exercise or eat healthy. Decades later I am a CrossFit coach, doing endurance sports and teaching nutrition to my patients. I wonder if my present day self knew that this was my course of action and somehow pushed my doubtful, fearful older version of myself to take the risk and enter that gym, start doing CrossFit, push myself to become an athlete, eat healthier, learn nutrition and now help others in my practice.


Each versions of me all connected at different time points like a string or ribbon of energy literally interacting with each other in forward or backward direction as ripples in a pond. My future self inspiring me to move forward with reassurance that I will be fine. My present self letting my future self establish itself with the choices I make today. My future self being healed by my present self when I remove erroneous mindsets, fearful judgment and self doubts. My past self being healed when I hold space of empathy for the past experiences and sending love.


Perhaps these 2 lovebirds’ fingers touched and their hearts connected. Perhaps their future selves sent them energetic ripples across time and space to tell them that they were meant to be for one another.


Now imagine that all heart spaces of all humans, animals, plants, microbes all connected across the continuum of time and space to themselves and each other, what an amazing mystical world we live in woven into the fabric of the universe across all times, and dimensional spaces.


Everything and everyone that has ever existed, will exist or existing conveying the energy that pulsates throughout the universe lighting the path. This is known as unconditional love.


I love you


Ps posted their pics with their permissions

Author: Brown Knight

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