Yoda and Hulk.


I see this picture everyday. Inspiring and in awe every time I view it.


2 figures that look so different in age, body composition and mannerisms, yet are so similar in what they bring out within each of us. We are evoked with the feeling of more than the obviousness of color. We feel the wisdom of one with the brute strength of the other. Both are invincible masters in their own rights. One with the cunning and intellect of experience and the other with the mastery of his fists and brutality.


One has mastered his emotions and the other allows his emotions to master him. Either way they are able to bring out strength, wisdom, power and fortitude. Their needs are similar and simple. Peace and solitude. It is here where both come to their emotional centers and mindfulness to create great impact in the world.


They are opposite and yet so alike. Heroes within proving to the universe that their similarities are beyond the obvious and their authenticity lies within. They are both teachers in their own right. Both battle their own inner demons not to conquer but to keep within control. Their control.


Each of us are both Yoda and Hulk. We hold the wisdom of the universe within us and the unbridled brutality of our human nature around us in our physical shell. Yet each of us, like them are in search of the raw truth of authentic love. Anger is an emotion that can fuel the speed of Yoda in light saber fighting and the unparalleled power of the hulk.


A little surprise that whatever we see within these 2 figured images are also traits of heroes within you.


What values are elicited when you observe these 2 green heroes? ( you cannot include their lack of English grammar )


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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