Everything is energy, frequency and vibration….

Energy vibrates at a particular frequency

Frequencies effect matter

This happens from the cellular to the cosmic

When you change the frequency, matter changes..

Imagine cells vibrating at appropriate frequencies doing what they were meant to do..

When they are out of alignment they vibrate at a lower frequency

When In alignment they are healthy cells

Out of alignment they behave as disease

Our thoughts govern these frequencies!

Ergo our Thoughts govern health

When you choose to be healthy and keep your thoughts aligned and in balanced state, your cells vibrate accordingly

As your thoughts are balanced, you open up your heart to a higher consciousness

You allow your body to vibrate in the same way…..

Attracting the life you choose and love to have all begins with aligned thoughts

You also attract vitality and longevity to your body and life
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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