Pretty much every time I reach the pool for a training swim, I sit on the edge pondering my choices. I dangle my feet feeling the coldish water, with growing concern of what the chill will feel like on my body. I know full well it is a perception of cold due to the change in my body temperature entering a slightly cooler water, but nevertheless I hesitate. I look at my stopwatch repeatedly as it flashes waiting for me to hit the start button. I look at the wall clock clicking away, as I go over my training drills in my head, anything to not go into the water. 

At some point I succumb to the fact that it is my CHOICE to swim and the water is what it is. I will feel the “sting” of the water for a second but it shall pass. This is not unlike other experiences in life too.

Imagine going to a job, and having the same apprehension or entering a relationship with fear or holding back from that next venture or even completing a project at home that is being postponed. Our hesitation leads to frustration and fear. Yet once we realize that it is a choice that WE make  in any area of life, then we take command of our destiny. We become empowered. 

The reality is as it is. It is our perception of what can happen that trains us to worry, and the delay in the action. And so we lose out on future opportunities due to the paralysis of hesitation and fear. 

I take a deep breath and jump in off the edge and allow my senses to FEEL everything. I satiate my body with the water and bear witness to the texture, flow, temperature. It was a choice I made to jump in. 

I take this to a different level of perception, where I remember that I made a choice to enter this life, as a little soul I dived into the planet and come into this body and experience ALL of life. I did not enter this lifetime saying I will experience this and not that. I chose all of it. Jumping into the water or jumping into the eternal cosmic oceans  of the manifested material universe, it is the same thing. 

We each made a choice to be here in this world and co create this life. We each leapt off the diving board of safety and chose to embrace this existence. Once in the waters of life, we are invited to witness and engage this beautiful experience in its entirety, its flow of time, its depth of perceptions, its fluidity of growth, its resistances of challenges, its temperatures of emotions, its diversity of possibilities, its breadth of creativity and excitement of the unknown. 

Jump into life and have some fun, you might find its not as scary as you might have imagined. The buoyancy of the world will support us all, but it begins with trust and the choice to jump in. 


I love you 

Author: Brown Knight

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