The power of prayer


Wherever I go these days I see a sign “Pray for Ukraine”. A great reminder to stay humble and be attentive on those that are suffering. There has been much anecdotal evidence even in medicine of patients healing their illnesses with the power of prayer. It goes to reason that the more people gather to pray and focus their energy then energetically healing thoughts and words transform the actions. Prayers are certainly helpful but cannot replace the treatment itself. There has been a lot of speculation of how this works. If we are all part of an energetic quantum field and if one side tugs,does not another part of the field get pulled? Like a glove. Pulling one part causes another part to move. The whole universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Thoughts and words have influences throughout the universal field,no matter how small.


I recall when I was in Kuwait amidst the shelling of the neighborhoods in the gulf war. Our whole building was shaking with the onslaught of bombs. We never knew when it would be our time to “explode”. My parents and myself would hide in the corners of the rooms where the beams of the building intersected in hopes of some protection.


WE prayed.


When there was the fear of chemical and biological weapons by the Iraqi regime, we would practice wearing long sleeve clothes and trousers. We had learned to insert carbon bricks into diapers and use that like “helmets” in case of the attack. ( the carbon would act as a breathable filter)


Again we prayed.


When we were stranded in Baghdad with no way out. WE prayed and prayed and prayed some more. I remember my grandmother and I were continuously praying for 4 hours at a time. Then like a miracle our prayers were answered and a solution presented itself to help us escape.


Prayers work. The more intently we focus our attention, the clearer we are to get better results. Yet prayers also need action, to come into the present form. Prayers allow the divine to come through to the physicality. It is a calling out for energy to all a transformation. If all we did was pray without any action, then the effects would be small. Yet together prayer and action makes a bigger difference.


There is much place in the world for faith and prayer at this time. Never underestimate the power of prayer. The calling out must be sincere and earnest from the heart. The power of surrender and prayer go hand in hand.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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