Inviting guests.


There are two guests that we invite into the homes of our hearts on a regular basis. One knowingly and the other unknowingly. Their names are Love and Fear respectively. But understand this well that both were invited by you. They are offered seats of prominence and given importance. If one is given more, then the outcome will be just that. Yet both are there for your well being. When each is given their rightful voice and offerings they will serve you well and restore balance in your being.


The mind offers homage to the fear from the conditioning of lifetimes, yet the heart offers shelter to the love that is connects from the soul. We spend an eternity trying to get rid of one guest, fear and to replace with another, love, without acknowledging either sufficiently. Would you have two guests in your home arrive and mistreat one over the other? Unlikely. So why do the same with love and fear. Why discriminate? It is the lack of respect that fear receives that makes it so insistent on staying and not leaving with grace.


We have been conditioned to fear fear and love love, and remain forever in a polarity of consciousness when in fact neither is anything but the manifestation of love. When heeding the words of fear without reaction, giving it space and welcome with just as much care as you do love, you allow for the integration, and the metabolization of fear to then transform into the only thing that it can, Love.


Love then becomes the only true guest that remains in the home of your heart. Fear and love are not divisible. Fear arrives only in disguise of love. Who will receive your guests today? Your mind or your heart?


I love you



Author: Brown Knight

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