Energy medicine is not old school, it is OLD SCHOOL. It is what the ancients knew, and the younger races only now are beginning to remember.

Healing comes from repairing that which is out of alignment. The mind and the body are one. When the mind is imbalanced from perceptions of emotions such as fear and guilt, the body reacts. The body that holds all knowledge is finely tuned to any imbalances, and it will constantly provide feedback through symptoms. It is our choice to ignore them. Yet what we are actually ignoring are the mind’s imbalances at our own peril.

Ignore them long enough they create disease within the body and then land up as bigger and bigger issues. Have you noticed that we have a pill for every ill?

Traditional medicine has come a long way to be able to provide a pharmaceutical for every disease, yet as a species we are not yet fully awake to ask ourselves why did the symptoms begin in the first place? What was the trigger? What is my body trying to tell me?

Most of the time, the body that is afflicted with disease is so far along with years and decades of ignorance of the imbalances of the psychology that pills are the way to go to suppress further deterioration. However it is never too late to begin healing also with energetics and perception integration and behavioral changes of the mind.

Yet the body has a natural ability to heal itself. Change the mind the body will heal. Change the spirit and the mind and the body will heal. The spirit is the driver within the body trying to constantly keep balance and heal, yet our minds are constantly distracted enough to prevent that from happening.

Energy healing is an advanced and old form of healing. The premise is that we all have energetic fields around us. Expanding from a few millimeters off our skin to several miles around our bodies. The more in tune we are with our bodies and in sync with our mind and spirit we can affect these fields, control them, repair them when they are out of alignment or disrupted. These fields intersect with everything around us including each other.

Verbal and body communication are all rudimentary in comparison to connection with energetic fields. These surrounding fields are effected by our emotions and minds and can be effected by others just the same. This is when energetic healing takes place, when we can repair them ourselves or with the use of healers.

Our consciousness is stored not just in the mind but within our fields as well. This is how we communicate unknowingly with other humans even if they are miles away or at the other end of the world. This is part of a phenomenon known as non focal quantum reality.

Our intuition constantly guides us. Trust it to allow us to heal.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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