I can ask  my GPS in the car and she tells me where to go and when to turn and when to obey the speed limit or what lane i am in
I can ask my alarm clock and she can tell me the time and when to wake up and get to work
I can ask my phone and she can tell me which restaurant to eat at, and what wine to drink,
My electronic medical records can alert me when to go to the doctor, or when a test is due, or that my cholesterol is too high
My screen tells me constantly what items and apparel  I should purchase
My computer also informs that there is a single female out there who could be right for me apparently just waiting around for me to call
No jokes… my car the other day contacted the service manager at the garage to call me to let me know that my car was due for service.. BEFORE I got an alert on the dashboard ! (My car literally called the manager for her own wellness)
Technology and I are getting along like 2 peas in a pod… I ask, and I am told…. simple
There is tech that tells you when to sit up straight,  how to run properly, to get off the couch and start moving, when to take your pills etc etc etc ( I have not YET invested in those)
Sometimes I wonder who is controlling whom?
My devices and electronics all demand to be power charged, they all expect me to read my emails when notified, I am meant to answer my texts when displayed etc
The more i rely on my “tech” the less I interact with the world… less I FEEL  my way through life as I outsource life to a gadget.
I wonder if I am able to then turn off my feelings when I don’t want to express them… wait.. I CAN !!
 I simply text someone that I am too busy to talk to them with pre made phrases,  I can press a button and their incoming call is diverted to an electronic version of me.
There are a number of ways I can override my humanity with technology. Perhaps one day we can automatically fire missiles at anyone we don’t like or have a dispute,  with as an attempt to protect ourselves from our feelings
Of being disrespectedand hurt….. oops I forgot we already have that… silly me
I wonder how easy it has begun to turn off our feelings as we glue ourselves to our screen at the dinner table (guilty  !)  To avoid feeling we dive into the LED screen and obey its companionship…
I wonder if I can outsource even this “wondering ” to my phone?…. guess that’s the first step in abandoning my humanity, my identity,  my Self
I love you ( this feeling is always from the real me NOT my phone 😉🥰)

Author: Brown Knight

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