There are times on our journey that we may feel hopeless, lost, or even stagnant

These are known as the ” in between ” times…or transition times… as we shift gears along the way

They don’t last.. they are there as delicately placed but deliberate pauses for us to take stock, gather our energies and summon our strength and build momentum and then launch again

They help us break away from the past and aim higher and further towards the future

These times are not eternities of us feeling broken, but epocs of silent growth as we shatter what was, and welcome what will be

There is much magic in these seemingly endless moments of us feeling fragmented, disjointed, frustrated and angry at ourselves and others or life situations…

But do we dare to see the lessons that lie in the transition that prepare to assist us to embark on an epic future through cosmic creation

The path may seem full of shards of glass and our sack feel heavy with rocks…. but it is but a transition zone…. for the path is winding but sturdy, and the heavy sack full of wisdom and experience

Enjoy the journey friends… see you along the way.. for we are never alone
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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